Friday, April 25, 2014

Teeth Jobs and Brussels Sprouts

Last night as I was trying to get Keegan to bed he yelled "mom do we have any Brussels Sprouts left from dinner?"  I told him no and he replied, "I wish you would cook some more for a snack."  That is my dear, lovable, difficult Keegan.  Other things he has asked for right before bed include "I need lettuce and an apple so I can go to sleep"  "could we get more Dragon fruit for my snack tomorrow" and after theater yesterday he refused the licorice Ms. Nancy brought because "I am not putting that trash in my body.  My body is a temple.  We need to go home and get some healthy food."

Now before you start thinking he is a boring health food nut at age 9, he consumes plenty of junk food.  But I love that he loves fruits and vegetables so much.  I still wonder how much of it is because I did a modified Baby Led Weaning with him as he transitioned into solid foods.  Who knows.  My oldest grew into a better eater and I'm hoping my 18 year old will do the same.

The last few weeks have been "teeth week" around here.  Back when we were first married we had a dentist.  He was the guy my mother in law recommended.  We went to him for a few years until he took out Brian's Wisdom Teeth.  I believe he was a butcher not a dentist.  We were talking about him the other day and Brian said "did I ever tell you I think he was having an affair with the receptionist?"  "When I went back to get my teeth out, they both came out of this closet near where I was waiting.  They both looked startled that I was already in the chair and then I noticed her skirt was tucked up in her nylons in the back.  Kind of like she hurried to get them on."  He also said the guy smelled like alcohol......... It was two weeks of constant narcotics for him to heal from that surgery.  Wisdom Teeth; not hear surgery.

So we switched dentists.  We were with Dr. S for 16 years and felt like he was a good, honest dentist.  He made a few homophobic comments over the years which I didn't like but otherwise he was fine.  Until.......  A few years back suddenly all of us needed night guards.  I started to get suspicious and annoyed because they are expensive and not covered by insurance.  None of us wear them and they cost about 1000 out of pocket.  He never seemed to notice we weren't using them.  Then we were double insured so his biller told me not to pay anything until she got it figured out how much was covered and how much we would owe.  One day I walked in and she said very loudly in front of everyone in the waiting area "We need to get you guys on some sort of payment plan because you owe Dr. S a lot of money."  I was embarrassed and just told her I would start paying on it.  Then Dr. S got this new ultrasonic cavity finder AKA money maker.  And we started having a lot of cavities.  At his second to last appointment Keegan had 9 cavities and he filled them all in one day.  I should have questioned it.  At Keegan's last appointment, Dr. S was going to fill 4 cavities but Keegan wouldn't open his mouth for the shot.  I tried to calm him.  The hygienist tried to distract him but nothing worked.  Finally Dr. S threw down the syringe and said rudely, "I can't work on your kid he needs to go to a pediatric dentist."  Then he stormed out of the room.  I took Keegan to the pediatric dentist and oddly, he had NO CAVITIES and hasn't had one since.

So that is the long story behind why we all went over a year without a check up.  I had heard a lot of good things about another dentist in our area and so we started to see him but sadly, I had waited a bit too long for Daniel........ No cavities but four impacted wisdom teeth.  They should have been taken out about a year earlier.  The timing was good though because I was able to get him in for surgery over Spring Break (yes, I am that mean) so he didn't miss school.  He did great and was even able to work his shift 3 days after surgery.  He did take a narcotic induced nap during Easter Mass.

What I learned from D getting his teeth out was that I am a terrible mom.  I turns out that the fact that I never buy instant mashed potatoes, jello and pudding is basically a travesty.  I have been denying my husband and kids access to these beloved treats for all these years.  I'm hoping the novelty wore off.

Jobs!  YEAH!  Brian got a new job.  It only took 8 weeks and he has started back to work after being laid off.  And just in time because what I owed the IRS was the rest of my savings.  It was going to get tight around here.  I'm just breathing a sigh of relief.

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