Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Little Get Away

When I was entering the days off from school back in the fall I found that there was a rare Friday in which both the boys had the day off. I decided that instead of just just having an extra day off that we would actually do something. I decided to look at booking a hotel in St. George because its close enough (4 hours) but a lot warmer. Since Daniel had been accepted to SUU in Cedar City, I kind of made the excuse that we would use the trip as a chance to check out the campus. I really intended to have him do that but then he got accepted to the U the week before and that was his first choice. Back in January something made me think I should just get a room and pay ahead even though our plans weren't set. I'm glad I did because B got laid off in February and I would have decided to not go if the room hadn't been paid for already.

 Thursday night after Brian's phone interview and Keegan's play practice we jumped in the car for our 4 hour turned into 5 hour drive. We unfortunately hit torrential rain from Salt Lake to Beaver (yes we do indeed have a city named Beaver which is bad enough on its own but you have to go through Fillmore to get to Beaver. Fire away with the jokes we've heard them all). The rest of the drive was great. We didn't really have plans and spent Friday reading, swimming and letting Keegan watch Cartoon Network. Sometimes its really nice to just have a day with no plans. We did find out via FB that Brian's relatives were also in St. George doing the Red Rock Relay (similar to Ragnar but only 65 miles instead of 200). So we made tentative plans to meet up for dinner. Saturday we had plans to go to Zion National Park. Its about 35 miles away so an easy drive. I had wanted to get an early start but I know my crew; they don't do anything fast so getting breakfast and out the door took all morning. Additionally we ended up stopping at the pool for a quick swim before heading out.

My little fish.  He took my snorkel for the whole weekend.

 He is doing a "thumbs down" because I had taught him the diving signals we learned when we went to Cozumel.  He's not saying its bad he's saying hes going under.

 After we got Keegan out of the pool. And he did a quick organization of the room (he has this thing with organizing that is really funny but sometimes annoying)  We headed out to Zion. Unfortunately Daniel fell asleep in the car.  When he takes naps he wakes up grouchy with a headache.  The first bit of our adventure was wrought with teenage grumpiness to the max.  We ended up doing a hike that neither Brian nor I had done before.


 This is an example of what a grumpy 18 year old looks like.  Lucky for us some Tylenol fixed the headache and the hike out was much more pleasant.

The contrast from red rock to blue sky is amazing but even more so when the trees have leaves and add the contrast of the green.


Don't let this little guy fool you.  He scared the bajeebers out of Keegan when he ran across the path

 I would have liked to do one more hike but the boys were done so we headed back to the motel where Keegan decided that another trip to the pool was in order.  I was thinking maybe an hour but the outdoor pool was really warm so we ended up out there for two.  Then Brian came down and told us that his cousins were back and they wanted to meet at the pizza place across the street.  We had a great time.  Too much sun, too much swimming or the Wendy's we picked up in Springville?  Who knows but Keegan woke me up at about 10:30 to tell me he felt sick.  Then proceeded to vomit all over the white duvet.  Wonderful mom moment.  Whatever it was it was quick and over.  He felt great once he evacuated his belly.  

I was bummed that we were losing an hour to daylight savings time.  But in the end it didn't matter.  They gave us a two hour late check out so we slept a bit late, got breakfast and still got in another hour and half of swimming before we had to leave.  We made the drive home much quicker since it wasn't raining.  And now two days later, we woke up to SNOW!  Its been a warmer winter so its fine.  But really I'm done with snow for this year.  


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