Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Little Things

The past few months I have seen a huge improvement with Keegan.  Sometimes you don't know how hard things are until they get better.

Because as mom's we judge each other (even though we shouldn't) many people think that what I am seeing as improvement should be considered bad behavior and poor parenting.  Lucky for them they have never had the opportunity to parent a child who has disabilities/deficits/delays whatever you want to call them.  I wish that wasn't my life but then I would be wishing away a little person who I love more than anything.

We are now to the point that a transition from an activity can be done in about 15 minutes (as long as there had been warning) and it is generally with little difficulty.  At 9 yes, a child should be able to transition and comply that has been a very hard thing for my little guy.  So hard that I used to have to give myself 1/2 hour to 45 minutes to get him to get in the car or go upstairs for bed or whatever needed to happen.  Then even with that much time it usually ended with him throwing a 2 year old fit.  I think the combo of age, maturity, behavioral therapy and a better medication for his ADHD we are getting somewhere.

Last week at the psychologist's appointment he told her he likes therapy now, he participated and we had a good time.  She told me as he was leaving that she could see improvement and that he was getting it.  This is the psychologist who I think felt like she couldn't help him.  She had called me after a very bad appointment and said that I might want to consider a different type of therapy.  I'm glad we stuck it out because I think we all learned from patience.

Yesterday the psychiatrist had him in for a med check and she too said he was soooooo much more grounded.  He thought she said he was grounded and couldn't figure out why he was in trouble.  I love this psychiatrist because she really likes to stay minimal on medications and try other things to compliment the drugs.

When we got home he decided that he was going to make dinner.  There was a slight set back when I cut the bread the wrong way and it made him very angry but he recovered fairly quickly and went back to his plan.  He made broth, salad, tea and I made banana bread.  Not exactly your most filling meal but it was great.  We wrote down the recipes for everything he made and are going to put them in a cookbook for him.

He made sure our dinner was enjoyable by setting the table using my good china and my grandma's tea cups.

He is a challenge but such a delight. 

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

That's Respectful, Right?

Oh my sweet Keegan.  He used to love Legos.  We would go to the store and he would ask for a new Lego; "not a spensive one"  I used to lament that the problem with Legos is that they come out with a new series constantly.  The past 5-6 months he has gotten away from the lego which makes me sad.  As much as I hate how many pieces they have and I really hate them on the floor in the dark; I love the creativity they inspire.

With two boys who went through a Lego phase we have a lot of Legos around the house.  I've tried many way to corral them but still make them available for play.  I've always felt that they take time to create and so there should be a place where they lego in progress can be left out when play time is over.  I never wanted my kids to spend hours creating a masterpiece only to have me come in and say, "sorry you spent hours working on that but now you have to disassemble it so the room is clean." Last weekend I invested in an IKEA storage system with pull out bins.  I got ever single Lego into the bins and the only other thing I would like is to get the sorter thingy so they are in bins by size but who knows if that will happen.

When Keegan got home from school I asked him if he liked the new organizer.  He said "well, I don't really play with legos as much anymore like I used to when I was younger.  I think it looks good but I won't use it very much anymore.  But don't worry, I won't make you take it down because you worked hard putting it together and it looks nice."  Then he looked up and said "That is being respectful, right?"   Oh sweetie, yes, that was respectful to recognize that I put time effort and money into that thing.  I'm happy he is learning respect and sad he is getting big and not as interested in Legos.