Monday, December 23, 2013


The weekend before Christmas is always busy.  Mine started a bit crazy.  After the cookie party on Friday I went into Keegan's room to  look at something on my ipad.  I sat down on his bed and put my feet up on the bed frame.  Really that should have been a safe thing to do.  Unbeknownst to me, I had just place my foot in the "kittie attack zone."  Minnie is a sweet cat, but like all cats she has her moments of where she has an uncontrollable need to attack things.  Unfortunately on this attack it was with teeth and not claws.  Cat bites are dangerous; I know that.  So I cleaned it out and put on peroxide.  Brian and D got home a few minutes later.  Brian has a tendency to get a bit excitable about such things and he started googling cat bite fever.  Then he started telling me all about cellulitus, amputations, IV antibiotics etc.  He wanted to run to the ED.  I however did not want to do that.  See I was already in my pajamas and might have entertained the idea of an instacare but I was not going to the ED on a Friday night.  The 100.00 copay was not even my biggest deterrent.  I KNOW what goes on in the ED and I didn't care to be a part of that so I chose to be "AMA."  The next morning when I got a text from my in-laws that said "this is your mother-in-law" I knew I was going in for antibiotics.  Truthfully, I already planned to go to instacare.  I walked in all healthy looking and walked up to the desk where I said "I got bit by my cat and although it is the tiniest little cut ever, it is a puncture wound and 50% of cat bites end up infected.  Plus my father in law anesthesiologist and mother in law nurse have just given me the YOU WILL GO and they don't do that so here I am"  To my relief she didn't laugh at me and call me a hypochondriac she reassured me that a cat bite that was deep enough to bleed was indeed a good reason to seek medical advice.   WHEW!  The APRN gave me the same story and said that yes I was correct that it was a puncture wound and that I did need to treat it.  So I left with a band aid and a prescription and now I don't have to worry about losing my foot over Christmas vacation.

From there we went South to my husband's mom's family party.  I do love this side of the family.  They are just plain wonderful.  Keegan didn't want to go because it was going to be boring and all we would do is talk.  No reassuring him that a cousin with kids his age was going to be there would calm him down.  But we walked in the door to find C age 10 and J age 7 eager to have a new friend.  These cousins have met once before and forgot each other existed.  We had enough time to visit grandma, Brian's dad's mom on the way out of town.  Grandma is 95.  She lived at home until the was 93 but then she fell and had to move to the care center.  She still thinks that she will be going home soon.  She can't remember anything short term but she can tell you everything about growing up and her young adult years.  We caught her in a good moment and she did know who we were; not where we lived or how many kids we have, but at least who we are.

Sunday was the annual Santa at church day.  The Knights of Columbus always sponsor Santa day and they get one of the guys to be Santa.  For a few years it was Ray and then along came Frank.  Frank looks like Santa.  He starts growing his beard in October and by Christmas he is is the real deal.  I hoped to have one last year of Santa.  Its always been fun for me.  I know some don't like the whole idea and it takes away from Christmas but I live it and I don't care.  But about two weeks ago I got the Mythbusters version of "how does he do this"  and I finally relented and told the truth.  But I told him he still have to believe in the spirit of Christmas and that he still has to sit on Santa's lap!  Sorry its blurry.  I snapped it as I had 1% battery on my phone.

We found out at my dad's funeral that we are actually indirectly related to Santa!  As we sat at the cemetery Frank pulled up in the same car as my dad's cousin.  So I said, hey how does Santa know Mike?  That was how I found out he is a step siblings to our cousin Mike's wife. 

And finally; it started snowing on Thursday.  We have had a bit if a reprieve but for the most part we have had snow since then.  YEAH!  I love snow as much as Santa when it comes to Christmas.  Nothing makes my heart happier than a good ole snowball fight.

Well here we are with wrapping and cleaning to finish.  Not to mention my daughter just told me she hasn't gotten a gift for her name draw yet and her paycheck didn't come in the mail so what should she do......I guess I'll be getting a gift on my way home.  But then it will be our annual Christmas Eve party, midnight mass, midnight margaritas and then Christmas Day!

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