Saturday, December 28, 2013

Oh Shit, The Elf Found Me!

Over the past few weeks I have shared pretty much every bad cartoon, meme, etc about Elf on a Shelf.  Honestly I have nothing against the guy except that he came out too late in my life to embrace the power.  No I am not an overachiever mom who would do a lot of the things that many moms pin about their elves.  I might however have managed to get him to move on a regular basis.  But alas he was not to be a part of my children's childhood memories.  Really I was just joking.

So on Christmas Eve, I was trying to get everything organized in the kitchen so that we could have dinner with my family when Kate says, "hey mom when did you get an Elf?"  I looked at her perplexed and then said, "oh that's not an elf, you mean the one on the garland above the fireplace?"  "Remember I got it when you were little its just a baby in a Santa hat and it looks cute up there."  "No mom you have an elf, its on the shelf in the living room."  I was in the middle of doing things so I didn't jump up and run into the living room  to see what my daughter was hallucinating about.  Finally my sister said "Liz, there is really and Elf in there."  So I begrudgingly walked into the other room only to find this:

Meet Freddie an Elf who showed up with a note basically calling me a hater.  He says that Elves are not creepy and that I shouldn't be projecting such hate out to the interwebs.  Seriously!  It only took me about 10 minutes to figure out that Freddie came from Kate.  Really it could have been anyone in my family; except my mom who refuses to be on "Spacepage"  yes, she really called it that and she really thought that was the correct word.  But Freddie had also brought some gifts for Daniel, Keegan and Brian.  Freddie actually saved the day because Christmas Eve is very hard on Keegan.  We all get one gift from my family's Christmas draw.  That one gift is like an appetizer, just enough to get him hungry for more.  Kate found the present from Freddie and gave it to him so that he had another gift to open and one that he was sure to love- an annoying orange pillow-GREAT!  This Freddie character is a problem.  First he calls me a hater, me!  I'm the one who tries to be open minded and love everyone.  Then he gets an annoying pillow for Keegan.  I don't think I saw what he brought for D and B...........

So all in all Christmas Eve was a great night.  We had our traditional family party, went to midnight mass and then had our traditional midnight margaritas.  Since Keegan figured out the secret he stayed up to help me put out presents.  He got to join in margaritas with his Shirley Temple and enjoy my favorite part of Christmas- after mass in the wee early hours enjoying the peace of the real meaning of Christmas- love, joy, hope, anticipation  and the birth of Jesus.  As we went to bed Keegan said it all, "being Santa is way funner than going to bed and just getting presents." 

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