Friday, September 6, 2013

One Morning Two Accidents!!!!!

Well my day started out fine.  I got to sleep an extra fifteen minutes since I didn't need to take Daniel to school.  I got ready, left everything for Keegan and headed out the door.  I made it a half a block before I was hit by a really nice teenage boy.  I know he was nice because we spent 45 minutes on the side of the road waiting for the police.  He kept saying that the damage didn't look too bad.  Oh sweet innocent young man just wait. 

I planned to just switch insurance and not the police but his mom insisted on sending the cops.  His dad arrived about 10 minutes after the police.  They live in Willow Creek but it was obvious that they are a nice middle class family with both parents working and an accident is not going to bankrupt them but it will be a big bummer financially.  It was just obvious seeing that dad's face that he was thinking the same things I was when my daughter got into her car accident. He was glad everyone was OK but I could tell he was worried about insurance premiums, points on the driver's license and I would be willing to wager that his car only had liability and so that torn off bumper won't be covered.

My car well its damaged but drivable.  I already had a scratch on that spot and was thinking well, this is fortuitous they are going to have to replace that panel so that scratch will get fixed.  I went on my happy way but then I got thinking.......  I paid off my car last year (exactly one year ago) and it has a lot of miles on it so I Blue Booked it.  Uh oh its not worth much.  I really hope they don't total it out.  I don't want to have to buy a new car.  But only time will tell.

So on to the other accident.  Now let's note here that my registration expired on Sunday and I knew I was driving with expired plates.  Let's now take time to thank the lord that we were on the north side of the street which is Cottonwood Hts and not the south side which is Sandy.  The officer was so nice about saying, I don't really care that you are five days past due on your registration but Sandy would so make sure you get that taken care of because they will give you a ticket.  I'm just glad you are all OK.  Woo Hoo!  Alrighty then.  I got gas and headed to work now an hour late.  As I was on the freeway just going under an overpass this huge and I mean HUGE bird flew out of no where and hit me smack dead center on the windshield.  This to me is a sign that I maybe should not be driving today.  So I am now parked at work with blood and feathers on the front and a smashed up back.  Its is KLASSY I tell you.

My sister is so funny; or so she thinks.  She sent me an email asking what I was having for lunch?  Maybe God Dammed Bird.  Ha Ha Patti!  See long ago when she was maybe 12 she was doing yard work at our grandparents house.  Grandpa was just getting Alzheimer's and he was still an alcoholic.  He was so he thought a closet drinker but we all know where the hooch was kept.  This particular day he kept pestering grandma to take him to the liquor store.  She kept saying later because she didn't want Patti to know that she occasionally gave into his drinking and drove him to the store.  (see the rest of the time he waited until she left and then called a cab he thought he was so sly but even the mailman knew he kept a bottle in the BBQ and a bottle in the water access panel downstairs)  Finally she gave in and took him to the store with Patti and Aunt Peg (she had Down's) in the car.  She was fuming!  He ran in got his booze and was in a merry mood driving back.  Then out of no where a duck crossed the road and grandma couldn't avoid it.  As she rolled over it she swore and grandpa said "what was that Mother?!"  (he was part blind at that point) she replied "it was a god damned duck Fred!"  and she didn't speak to him the rest of the drive.  They got home and he still in a cheery mood not picking up on how angry she was said "so what's for lunch?"  and again she just spurted out "GOD DAMNED DUCK Fred that is what you are having!"  and she refused to make his lunch.  Henceforth so duck in any story in our family is just a duck it will always be a goddamnedduck!