Thursday, August 8, 2013

12 Star Hotel

We just returned from Vegas (a bit more about that later).  When we arrived, Keegan was instantly intrigued with all the "Deluxe Hotels."  He was afraid that ours was going to be a let down.  Driving in we saw the Belagio and Trump Towers.  Yikes the Flamingo (circa 1947 but stuck in the 70's) might not meet his need for style.  We were staying there due to location not because it was my choice......

Last night, I arrived home after a long day.  I had plans to grab a beer and clean the house.  I know, boring mom stuff.  I was greeted at the door by Keegan in full "Fancy Clothes Attire"  He informed me that he had been working all day to make the house a 12 star hotel.  He was talking a mile a minute to my very tired brain.

Turns out that when I had dropped him home after Lego camp so I could go back to work that he got bored.  His brother isn't one to entertain his need for activity so he took it upon himself to create the hotel.

He had cleaned my room (made the bed and added some stuffed animals for effect) Scrubbed the bathroom- this part makes me just want to squish his little cuteness.  Pulled out the side table that converts to a dinner table and put on a cloth and candles to make it fancy.  Put on his suit and a tie on my sister's dog.  (Toby looks very debonair I might add)

I was directed to the table in the lobby to start the paperwork.  Once I signed the receipt I was given a key card and led to my room.  He had made a little paper "lock" that I had to put my key card on to open the door.  I got in my room and was told that I had to put on my fancy clothes to go to the casino.  Great, I was hoping to put on sweats......

I went to the Casino where he had put his 7's game.  (small piggy bank slot machine) I was given a bunch of coins and told to play as long as I wanted.  After that he said it was time for wine.  I asked if I could have a beer but he said that fancy hotels are for wine not beer.  He poured me a triple (I have a biggish wine glass that he filled to the top)  I confess that at some point I had to pour some of it down the drain.  I just can't drink three servings of wine.

After that I was directed to the hot tub where luckily it was then time for his break so I got to sit in the tub alone for a while.  When I got out I put on my robe and he came in to tell me that it was time for my foot soak and massage.  Spa treatment is always good.

At this point Brian got home and Keegan wanted to check him in.  Unfortunately daddy isn't as good at the change of plans and wasn't very accommodating to the desires of an 8 year old.  He even left his key card on the deck after he made brats.

I loved my hotel experience but I didn't get dishes or laundry done.  I guess there is always time for that.

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