Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Twu Wuv! Just like the Princess Bride?

Yesterday I was urgently needed to film a detective show written and directed by my 8 year old.  Oh and need I mention he was the star and only actor in this Emmy Award Winning Drama?

This was after a day from hell where I really wanted more than anything in the world to curl up with a book and a glass of wine.  I had just finished "saving the day!" from the person who was supposed to organize the graduation reception.  Yes, the cakes were ordered and so were the flowers.  But at the last minute she was unable to pick them up and get them to the school.  I raced out of work as soon as I could and ran to Costco.  Got everything into my ginormous cart and went to pay.  Only find out I HAD NO CHECKS AND COSTCO DOESN'T TAKE CREDIT CARDS!!!!!!!!!!!   But alas I have an American Express that I never use.  So we ran it and it declined.  I don't know the number to run my credit as debit- I know, its me, I should learn that number.  So they kindly put the whole mess into the cooler while I ran home to get a new checkbook that actually had checks.

I picked up Keegan and went back to Costco.  My husband was home and said "what can I do to help you?"  Note these words- K!  I said just get Daniel from Bountiful and get him to rehearsal on time.  And I flew out the door, back to Costco and made it in record time to the school.  I didn't say one mean word to the person who was in charge of the reception.  I just politely hauled everything in and pretended it was no big deal.  But based on the fact that every teacher I saw and I mean every one of them gave me a hug and told me thanks for saving the day, it was apparently a big deal.  I chatted a bit and then decided to just get something to take home for dinner.  I called B and said "did you take Keegan with you to go get Daniel?" And he said, "I am just leaving now"  Are you f-ing kidding.  It was 5:45 and D needed to be at rehearsal at 6:30.  We live 25 miles from his friend's house and then its another 20 back to the theater.  Because I was closer to the freeway I ran to Bountiful and again, saved the day, getting him to rehearsal a mere 7 minutes late.  Yes, a few traffic laws were broken......

I arrived home exhausted and angry that two people had let me down and so my peaceful night was ruined.  I walked dejected into the house only to be enthusiastically greeted by Keegan who had big plans for the night and they all included ME!  He was dressed to the nines in his detective outfit and had already worked out the script in his head.  How do you say no to that?!  Especially when it means he will be doing something-playing- instead of sitting in front of a computer or watching a movie.  That my friends is how I found the evidence of true love.  Its spray painted all over the back side of his climbing wall.  I love J! I love J!  Its unbelievably sweet and it made up for all my own personal woes.

*about the spray paint- um guilty- I had let him spray paint an old board to use for part of his club house.  I taught him how to spell words with spray paint......  And then I left the cans out where he could get them.  And really, location to spray was fine so I didn't say a word.  I just smiled at his expression of love!

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