Tuesday, June 4, 2013

First Crush!

About a month ago we were driving to the Hoedown at school and Keegan said "I have a crush on a girl.  Do you want to guess who it is?"  I started naming girls and just kept getting a no for the answer.  Then he said he might not even tell me if I guessed it.

We finished up with our square dancing and headed out to the car.  I was in a hurry for my audition and needed to get out of there.  Keegan kept hanging back saying he needed to say good bye to his friends.  Exasperated I kept reminding him he already said goodbye to A, C and I.  Finally he said he needed to say goodbye to J.  UM weird maybe that's the girl.  They are kind of friends but not super good friends.

On the way home he confessed that it was J.  I had texted I's mom and asked her to scope it out for me since Keegan surly would have told I.  She confirmed that indeed it was J.

A few weeks later he said "why do I feel so happy when J is around?"  Its love I tell you.  Hearts and violins and a little cupid in the background.  So sweet.

He tells everyone that he already has a girlfriend.  And man is he proud of it.

There was a short break up when N told J that Keegan and I are bullies and she shouldn't be their friend.  But that got resolved and the crush is back on.  If this is happening in 3rd grade, I fear the future with my little Romeo.

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