Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Upside Down and All Around

My life!  UGH who said being a grown up was easy?

As a kid I had visions of being a grown up.  I would be married to a guy who made a ton of money and who help out around the house at night.  My kids would be talented, perfect and compliant all the time.  My house would always be clean.  This is the part where my little dream is interrupted and we go back to reality.

Right now I am finally catching up from the "house from hell" project that took my whole winter.  Not once did I get to so ski because I was too tired after flipping a house so my mom would have some retirement money and we wouldn't have to draw straws for who she would live with.  (all said in fun and with love.  Of course we would take her in if she were going to be homeless)  Because of that adventure I was gone every weekend so my own house got out of control.

But the thing I didn't realize was that my family got out of control.  Having a husband and two boys with ADHD, I have to be the grounding force- the calm against the storm.  And I wasn't around enough.  It all came swirling into a huge tidal wave a few weeks ago.  Keegan started getting mouthy and difficult at his after school program.  We worked on how to express anger and anxiety but apparently not enough.  He got himself so worked up a few weeks ago that he threw a toy and broke the window in the office.  He was having issues at school and the principal and I became best friends (OK not really BFF but still) and his teacher was having a hard time with him in class.

During this whole time, work was intense.  A ton going on and no way to take a break.

Then the icing on the cake when my husband was stressed out to the max.  He ended up taking a 4 week leave to readjust his medications and get his stress level under control.

With all this going on, I get to be the rock solid one who holds everything together.  And I'd really like to crumble.

But being the Pollyanna to the end, school is almost over.  The days are longer and warmer.  And, I have finally gotten my house almost back in order.

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