Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Death and Taxes!

My daughter moved out last June.  This is probably a good thing despite the fact that I don't really like the situation all that much.  But she is 20 and she is paying for rent on her own. sooooooo........

I didn't get to the taxes in a very speedy manner because I was swamped at work.  The annual conference was on the 11& 12th of April.  With having a new secretary it was complicated.  Then there was the house from hell that I will have to recap later.  So I finally did Kate's taxes last week.  I emailed and facebooked her that she needed to come to my office to "sign" them.  We all know I could have forged the whole thing and no one would have know but I needed her to be responsible and understand that this is not something you can just do when you get to it.  Coming to my office required little effort.  I work at the university she attends.  But typical; she was flaky.

On Saturday night I had probably just fallen asleep when the phone rang.  I jumped out of bed, turned on the lights and couldn't find the damn cordless phone.  Luckily D was still up playing a game and answered the phone downstairs.  I heard his say "I'm sure she is now" and then "mom Kate's on the phone"  OK, she wasn't dead that was confirmed.  So I went to the kitchen to find the other cordless- missing.  My heart is racing because although it was confirmed she was alive why was she calling at midnight?!  Shaking and trembling I went to the basement.  D handed me the phone and there was Kate all bright and shiny "hey mom, sorry it's so late!"  OK breathing again.  "Hey, I just realized I never got back to you.  I can come to your office on Monday at 11:30 to sign my taxes"  Oh good hell.  She calls at midnight when I have been bugging her for a week.  I got back upstairs and told my husband that now that she was alive I was going to kill her.

The good news is that the lifelong learning credit for having a child in college is a SU-WEEET  deal.  For the first time in years I am getting a refund!

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