Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Dinner, Games and SPA Treatment

Last night was one of those where I had too much going on.  Daniel went home from school sick.  I had to bring him to my office for the afternoon because I didn't want to take him all the way home and then come back.  Since we were at the hospital anyway I made an appointment to get him checked.  He looks like "death warmed over" and I was surprised he even wanted to go to school.  Well as I suspected he has the flu.  They didn't swab to find out the type but its pretty evident.  So rest, fluids and treat the symptoms.  Then pray that no one else gets it.  Because we are going to Disneyland next week by damned and no one can be sick.

But I digress.  So after dealing with him I had a lot to do at work (new secretary starting next week!).  Thus I was later getting home than I wanted.  I then had to go to the board meeting at school.  Which praise the heavens above did not last three hours last night but only two.  The fine folks on the board really know how to make a ten minute discussion 30-40 minutes.  I spent the first three meetings wanting to gouge my eyes out and have now resigned myself to it being that long and just suck it up.

I was home by 8:15 and ready to get some cleaning done because the conference committee was to meet at my house this morning.  It was a bit cluttered and messy; plus my Christmas decorations were still up.  (I'm holding my "I'm Catholic and Epiphany was just on Sunday Card").  Keegan however had other plans.

He came out into the kitchen wearing his "Fancy Clothes"  Jacket, white t-shirt, dress black pants, cowboy boats.  He had his belt around the outside of the jacket.  He said he was my butler and was going to make soup.  Great!  I don't like to say I don't have time for fun and spontaneity but I didn't have time for that.  I decided to just make the best of it knowing that he would be appeased fairly quickly and then I would send him to bed.

He set the table with my good china.  Got me a diet coke (love that kid) and made soup.  Broth of Tabasco and chicken bouillon two carrots and some parsley.  Boil the hell out of it and then serve it up.  He had a sprite.  I pretended to enjoy my soup while we played a game of Go Fish.  Then he told me to put my robe on and he would paint my toes.  My toes are bright red now- and I mean my toes along with my toe nails.  He put make up on me, brushed my hair and then asked me to finish my work snuggled next to him in bed.  So I did.  I managed to get the website updated before the meeting and yes, i did get my house cleaned.  OK, a few bedroom doors were shut but the main area was clean.  I just wish it hadn't taken me two other kids to realize that sometimes you just go with the flow.  Their attention span is short and the 30 minutes is well worth it.

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