Friday, January 4, 2013

December- Did you really exist this year?

*oh and my secretary quit so I was trying to hire a new person*

I got my house decorated and started buying presents right after Thanksgiving.  Since Thanksgiving was early this year I patted myself on the back thinking "Wow, this year you will be ready for Christmas!"

ER not so fast.  Since Brian was in Christmas Carol he had rehearsal every night up until opening night and then was in the T, TH, S cast  on M, W and F he worked late to make up hours from leaving early for "call" every other day of the week.  So basically, I single momed it.  Which really is my norm for the most part but it was even more during the rehearsal and run of this show.  I did see it three times and honestly, he was awesome, spectacular, phenomenal and that is not just me saying that.  The whole cast was great but Jacob Marley has a really good part and he rocked it.

Then there was work.  I ended up working 50 hr weeks most of December.  Not that my job is hard; it isn't.  I love it but I was tired.  And waaaaay behind.  I was teaching a series, observing a series, covering for one of my staff and working on all the audits for re-designation.  I finished the paperwork from the audit at 8:30 PM on the night that it was due. 

I finished work on Friday the 21st.  Picked up Keegan from Children's and we headed South to spend the night with my sister.  I really needed that time to finish getting  ready for Christmas but I was going to the family party in Manti the next morning and my sister lives 20 miles South it just made sense to drive down in the evening and not have to rush in the morning.  Brian, Daniel and Kate couldn't go so it was just me and the Keegs.  (Brian's family I might add but they love me more anyway.)  My sister and I stayed up late talking (shocker there) and when I turned out the lights I was done.  I slept like the dead until 8:30 AM.  I don't sleep that late.  Wow I needed it.

Everything that gone done did and everything that didn't *sending Christmas cards* probably wasn't that important.  Even Keegan's Santa gift being held up in customs wasn't going to phase me.  And I had one of the best Christmas' in a long time.  Last year sucked.  Sucked big time.  I spent Christmas Eve trying to be happy, mass was hard-very very hard.  Dad always did midnight mass.  Seeing Deacon Mark process in instead of dad set me to tears.  Hugging all the staff after mass and all of them telling me they missed dad set me to tears.  A woman in the parish had lost her dad a few days before.  I went up to hug her and we both just bawled and bawled.  We still had midnight margaritas in his honor.  Fr. Dave still came by.  We toasted dad and I chocked back tears.  Maybe I shouldn't have finished off the margaritas the next morning.  Because I spent the whole dinner at my in-laws chocking back tears.  My present from them made me cry.  (a hand painted picture with one of my dadism quotes on it).  It was unbearable.

This year was healing.  I was happy even though I still miss papa like none other.

Other December highlights:

The Lushy (er ladies) Luncheon at church.  I won a basket.  Well the rest was fun too.

Dad's birthday party.  Pizza and beer.

Keegan got to be in the Christmas Carol 3rd grade version.  He didn't have a big part but man was he serious!

Daniel is growing and maturing so much.  He is awesome with his job.

I love my job and got to do some really fun stuff despite working so much

Running Beat the New Year.  I ran the equivalent of 15 5Ks this year even with my back issues.  (I counted Ragnar as 6 because really, it was since I ran 18 miles total)  My goal was 12 5Ks.

Graduating from physical therapy.  I'll never be cured but I am better and that is all that matters.

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