Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hell and Damnation!

Yesterday Keegan made a poor choice.  Its not the first one but it was fairly significant.  He decided it would be more fun to play on the playground with his friend after school than to get in the van to take him to his after school program.  He had done that two weeks ago and was told "Never AGAIN!" 

The teacher tried to call me but instead of sitting diligently at my desk I was in the hall talking to one of my staff who was having such a bad day that she was caving in to a diet coke.  When I got back to my office every device- cell phone, pager, desk phone and home phone was screaming due to the amount of missed calls and messages in that short ten minute period.  Then my sister called trying to find me because they had called her as well.  YIKES.

I was leaving anyway so I called to make sure they had found him (which they had right where I knew he would be) and said I was on my way.  When I got there a very sullen young man was sitting in the office with the director.  I walked in, sat down and said what happened.  Of course I got some crazy story about how his feet were too tired to walk to the van and he needed to rest.  I bit my lip to keep from laughing at this poorly concocted story.  The director said "that is not what you told me."  You said that half an hour wasn't very long and that it didn't matter that they were all waiting on the van for you.  She had set a time for half and hour and he was "waiting it out"  We came up with a punishment and a plan for if it happened again.  Then we left.  (I love this school/daycare.  They are awesome with solutions and not judging).

I got him some dinner because I had to go back to work and didn't have time to make anything.  It was opening night for B's show and Daniel was on his first "date" so Keegan would have to sit in my office while I observed my new instructor teaching.  It was unusually silent in the car.

Finally about 45 minutes after leaving and apparently stewing the whole time about the offense Keegan said "Am I going to the good place or the bad place when I die?"  (He won't say Hell.  Odd because he has said Fuck)  I asked him what he thought.  He sat contemplating his fate and said, "I think I can go to the good place because I am mostly good with a little bit of bad."    Pretty astute in my humble opinion.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the time that he had gotten his head cut at his former daycare.  They had bandaged it but after 4 hours it was still bleeding and I was concerned.  I told him we needed to go get it stitched.  He sighed and said, "OK but how many ambliances are coming to get me?"

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