Friday, November 2, 2012

43 Years How Did that Happen

On Wed. (Halloween) I turned 43.  I swear I am still about 27 except the spinal stenosis reminds me I'm not.  I had a good birthday this year.  Last year sucked.  I was still shell shocked from having dad die 4 days before.  Some years I am too busy getting the kids places to enjoy "my day"

This year was mellow and smooth.  I dropped off the high school car pool and then went home to get Keegan ready for the kid parade.  I dropped him off at school, found a parking spot in the neighborhood (five minutes too late park at the school due to all the parents staying) and secured a spot in the gym.  Its about a 45 minute wait for the parade but if you don't go early you don't get a seat.  I met a new mom and saw some old friends.  The time passed quickly.  The Halloween Parade isn't exactly the highlight of my life but this year had a new twist.  The fourth grade had been practicing and did a flash mob dance to thriller.  It was awesome!!!!!!  My kid had already paraded by and seen me so in theory, I could have snuck out and made dash for the parking lot but didn't.  I thoroughly enjoyed the kids'  (and teacher's) costumes.

I then got my free Starbucks birthday drink.  I allow myself a flavored coffee about once a year- maybe twice but realized this may be the last time.  They are just too sweet.  I';ll stick to my unsweetened latte from now on.  Then I headed out for some shopping.  It was nice to just have alone time.

I had a friend drop by unexpectedly when I got home and brought me a card and Starbucks gift card.  It was probably the nicest thing anyone could do.

Too soon it was time for pick up and Trick or Treating.  I ended up only needing to get Keegan since D went to a friend's house.  BONUS!  We drove to both grandparents' houses and over to Kate's so they could all see the costume and then Keegan was on a mission.  A mission I hadn't known about.  He wanted to get more candy than ever before.  I love trick or treating so no worries here.  Em and Ray brought Marcus over and we headed through the neighborhood.  Apparently we moved to LA and didn't know it because it was a balmy 65 degrees.  Sweet!  Keegan met his goal and then was done.  Bucket full- done.  I was willing to empty it and go out again.  not for the candy, just because its fun.  But no, he just wanted to get me a pumpkin pie and rent a movie.  So we stayed up way too late watching the movie while B went to get D.  It was a good day.

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