Friday, September 7, 2012

Allergic to Bees

My husband and kids are all afraid of  bees.  It drives me crazy because they don't like to do things outside just because of the bees.  I don't love bees.  You won't find me outside luring them in my dirction so I can kiss them on the lips or anything but I can tolerate them.  And I refuse to give up "deck time" in order to avoid them.  I do have traps in the trees to keep them at bay.

So last Wed. I had left my office for a meeting and called Brian to make sure he was still able to pick up Keegan due to my late meeting.  He said yes, but that he would most likely pick him up early since the school called and said he had been stung.  I asked if he was OK and he said that he was sure he was fine.  The secretary had mentioned that he had a rash and wondered if he was allergic.  Brian told them that he wasn't. 

I tried to call B after my meeting but he didn't answer any of his phones.  I went to my next meeting and took my phone with me.  I aplogized since I never take a phone to a meeting and explained the whole bee thing.  No calls.

After the meeting I went to my office and got the message the secretary had left me saying she was concerned because he had a rash all over his back.  I dismissed it myself but called home.  Daniel answered and said that dad had gone back to work but that everyone was fine.  I asked about Keegan and he said "he's broken"  (Daniel has an interesting sense of humor) I asked for clarification and was told that he had been stung by a bee.  "I know! but is he OK?"  "Ya he's fine."  "OK then, since its been a very crazy day I will get Cafe Rio and be home in 30 minutes."  I got home only to find that Keegan's hand was the size of a baseball.  And no one found that odd?!

I called the pediatrician but it was after hours so I had to wait.  I fully anticipated having to drive back to the hospital to see the on-call person.  A few minutes later Karen called (she is one of my favorite peds- I want to be her when I grow up)  She said to give him Benadryl and ice it.  I told her my concern was that bee stings get worse with each exposure and she agreed.  She said to call Lisa (our reg ped) in the morning.

It turns out Keegan is one of the those kids who gets hyped up on Benadryl- sad, I was kind of looking forward to it knocking him out (I know that I am not the only mom who kind of enjoys an occasional day of a sick kid cause it calms them down).

The next morning his hand was bigger.  So I gave him another dose and called the pediatrician's office.  Then we packed up the car and headed to my office.  Oh a day of my kid in my office means nothing gets done.  But who is complaining because really how many moms can avoid using sick time to care for their child.......

We got to the appointment and were told that he isn't necessarily allergic to bees but that he had an LLR  (Large Localized Reaction) except remember that part about the secretary saying he had a rash?  I told Lisa that I never saw a rash but that the secretary said he had one.  She said that based on the information given, we still couldn't say allergy but........... There is a5-10% chance that if he gets stung again it could become a full blown anaphylactic reaction.  5-10%?!  My analogy- That means that if you were going to a party with 100 people somewhere between 5 and 10 would get shot and die.  Would you still go to the party?  My pediatrician agreed and now we have epi pens.  The damn things aren't cheap either.  With insurance they are 40.00 each set.  I have two sets one for school and one for my purse.  And they expire in a year.  But its a good investment. 

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