Friday, August 17, 2012


So the surgeon said I was too young and too healthy to need surgery.  I almost kissed her on the lips.  She did say she was surprised at how well I am doing considering what my spine looks like.  So she put me in PT.

So here I am at PT clinic twice a week.  I am in the running after injury program with Shane who is totally cute and sexy and like 15 years younger than me.  And I am in core workout with John who is totally cute, not quite as sexy but definitely cute and also about 15 years younger.  I think I missed my calling in life.  I should have been hanging out in the PT wing of the Annex when I was young.

PT is not easy.  I just want to clarify that.  Its nice to really work the muscles with a professional watching every move.  Its nice and its awful.  You can't cheat.  When you take a yoga or Pilate's class, you can go all saggy and then pull it in when the teacher comes back around to your part of the room.  But the PT no, he is there watching and catching.  Its a lot harder than regular exercise.  And its nice to get the encouragement that you will get better and that you are doing OK.

Monday I got beat up.  It was supposed be running clinic but Shane wanted to check the core.  As I was doing some exercises, they started to hurt greater than a 4 on the ol JCAHO pain scale so I had to stop.  He said it didn't make sense where it was hurting.  So he put me on a table and moved me in all sorts of positions then pushed on me to see what hurt. Then he popped my back.  He thinks he's got it figured out.  So I got new exercises to add to my old.  But I was really sore.  So I got to end my session with the E-stim and an ice pack.  Best part of my day.    Today when John asked how the stim was I said it was great so he got my insurance to pay for a portable TENS.  BONUS!  I like PT

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Bra Mishap

Yesterday, I was running late and my closet wasn't cooperating.  I just couldn't find anything to wear.  I finally settled on a pair of white pants and the black and white shirt that Keegan got me for mother's day.  I grabbed a black bra and hurried to get out the door.

It was a bad drop off day- Keegan was not interested in going to Children's for camp he wanted to stay home with Daniel.  Then I had to drop him off in the Cheetah room because the Camelion teacher wasn't quite ready to take the big kids.  He hates the "baby rooms" so he threw a fit.  I got out the door and made it to March of Dimes for my meeting but as I was running in the building my shirt felt wet.

Not having a lot of time, I just kind of brushed it off thinking maybe there was water from the sprinklers on my car.  But as I sat there, my shirt grew wetter and wetter.  What the hell?!  So I discreetly put my hand under my shirt to see if I could figure out what was going on.  I quit lactating years ago.......

It was then that I remembered that I had on a bra with gel packs for some kind of lifting and shaping.  The gel pack had burst.  My shirt was soaked with some gooey, yucky liquid.  Luckily it wasn't that noticeable due to the pattern of my shirt.

As the meeting ended, I held my Ipad up to block any view of my leakage and ran to my car.  I was due to present in 45 minutes so I ran to the closest store found a shirt and bra but unfortunately didn't have time to change.  I thought I could do a quick gym change in the parking garage but alas, that didn't work either.  So I went and presented on breastfeeding with my own form of leaky boobs.  Then I found the closest bathroom and finally got to change my clothes.