Monday, July 16, 2012

Oh Hell!

I have had back pain for 7+ years.  I have gone to several doctors and told them that my sciatic nerve was a problem.  I have been given lots of reasons for why it may be aggravated and I have been given numerous PT exercises to help.

The problem is I have a high pain tolerance so I think I really underplayed how bad it hurts.  Like the time that we were at our friend's house playing board games sitting on the floor.  When we got up to leave my whole right leg was shooting with pain and I just stood there smiling, finishing the conversation but really with about a 9 on the JCAHO pain scale.  Or that day in Pilate's when my back and legs felt like they were on fire.

I have done massage, Pilate's, yoga, acupuncture and PT.  I went back for my follow up with my new doctor and she was pretty sure I still had preforms and that I really need to stretch.  But she said that since the pain had been going on so long I maybe should get an MRI. 

The MRI itself was fine.  Nice and air conditioned- no claustrophobia.  Really nice tech.  Twenty minutes no big deal.  And then I got the results.

I know uteruses not spines so I can't really say what it is.  Words like bulge, L-4 to L-5, severe and surgical consult were what stood out when I say the results on "My chart"  The call from my doctor confirmed it all.  I have some significant bone change.  My L-4 is pushed onto my L-5 and there is some nerve "uplifting"  I get to have a surgical consult in two weeks.

I don't want surgery.  I don't want injections.  I'll take PT thank you very much.  But my Dr. said she wasn't sure that was an option.  Great!  I'm now on a " no running profile" (my military brother in law has been living with me if you can't tell).  I also have to be careful with biking, lifting, hiking, etc.  I don't like it one bit.

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