Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ready or Not!

I think it was nine or ten months ago that I said I would join the Ragnar team that Labor and Delivery was putting together.  I wasn't exactly committed but figured "what the heck."

I was doing pretty well running and getting ready for the Tri.  Then dad died.  I ran once between mid-Oct and about Christmas.  That was the Thanksgiving 5K.  OK maybe a few more times.

But I got back on track in early spring.  I gained some weight after dad died because on top of not running I also ate what I wanted.  It was my bad attitude time.  So the extra weight and the lack of running weren't really on my side but I'm tough.

I ran the St. Patty's day 5K with a decent time for the course (OMG the uphill was torture).  Then I ran the color race where I aggravated my foot and started dealing with plantar fascitis.  Its mainly under control; not healed but better.  I ran the Girl Scout 5K- kind of I had Keegan with me and that is a whole long story of him having an allergy attack.  Then I ran the Crack of Dawn 8K.  I was also faithfully running in between.  Then at Crack of Dawn (beautiful run down the canyon at 6 AM) I didn't stretch enough and ended up with a wonky knee.  So for the past ten days instead of running, I have been doing strength and resting the knee.

Ragnar is FRIDAY!!!!!  I start with a 3.5 mile flat in the middle of the day with a temp index of 90.  Water will be my issue.  But otherwise I can do that one easily.  My next run is somewhere in the middle of the night depending on the team.  It will be a 7 mile downhill and I can't wait for that one.  Even if my knee acts up I have to walk it I can't wait.  Then I end with a 5.5 somewhat uphill in the mid-afternoon. 

With my injuries I will be taping my foot, wearing my fascitis supports between runs, bracing my knee and wearing compression socks.  We have in our cooler: frozen water bottles for massage, ben gay sub zero (best stuff ever), icy hot, deep blue, heat packs and the Costco sized bottle of ibuprofen and Tylenol (we know how to piggy back our drugs).  My podiatrist friend said she could get me cortisone or lydicaine for my foot but we decided against it.  Plus its doing well. 

I can't wait for the experience and for it to be over.  Because then we start the great kitchen remodel!

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