Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rescue Dog

In 2001 we got a dog.  From a pet store or in other words a puppy mill.  He was the best little dog despite being in-bred.  I make a pact to not ever do that again but apparently that didn't apply to my husband who two years later got Pepper.  Pepper is really inbred- to the point of being partly deaf, having sever allergies and is pretty stupid.  I put up with Pepper but I've never bonded with her.  Part of that could be because she has always been a very stinky dog and I got pregnant a month after we got her.  She made me vomit- I was really sick with my last one.

Lucky died in February.  Keegan and I have both always wanted a Dachshund so I started looking for a non-pet store dog.  And last week I found this little baby who was rescued from the pound.

She is the sweetest little baby in the world.  She is four years old and was starved and beaten by her previous owners.  The foster family was a little bit lax about letting her beg at the table so she has some bad habits.  But she is soooooo sweet and we love her to pieces.
Her name is Violet.

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