Thursday, May 24, 2012

First Communion

Looking Snazzy in the new suit

It takes a real man to wear a bow tie

Oops, better tuck in the shirt!

Yesterday was Keegan's First Communion.  I remember my First Communion so clearly.  It was an exciting day for me.  Keegan had a black suit.  It was the one that Daniel wore to his First Communion and the one that he wore on several other occasions.  I pulled it out last fall and it was just the right size for Keegan- he wore it to my dad's funeral.  So I planned to just have him wear it again but just over two weeks before the big day he said he really wanted a brown pin stripped suit.  I panicked.  I didn't want to try to find one and I didn't want to spend a lot of money.  I love you Google.  I found a kid suit shop that had a brown pin stripped on sale for 39.00.  That was a reasonable price and they shipped in two days.  WHEW!

He was quite the classy young man in his suit with a bow tie and grandpa's pocket watch in his pocket.  And he did well.  That is a long mass and its a longer mass when you have ADHD.  I only saw miss D lean over once to tell him to settle down.

We had everyone over after mass for a small party- only 25ish people compared to my normal 50ish. Between the eclipse that evening, some illness and my lack of getting invitations mailed (slacker mom) we had fewer people but I think I needed that this time.

Although I was really excited for him, it was also a bit of a grief day for me (and my sisters).  My dad "married" me and three of my sisters.  He baptized most of his grandkids.  He was a con-celebrant for my kids' First Communion's and Confirmation's.  He was always a big part of religious events.  And yesterday, he was very obviously gone.  I missed him so much.  I was pretty emotional but mostly kept myself under control.  I only teared up twice with my sisters and once after the party.

Fr. D is awesome about preaching in a way that is personal.  He was using the meaning of names to illustrate the point and he pointed out different kids.  Then he got to Keegan and made a joke about how Keegan just meant Keegan (it really means small and fiery)  Then he said,"Keegan and I have been friends for a long time.  His grandpa was my deacon but he died this past year."  Keegan must have looked pretty sad because he stopped and said "I shouldn't have brought it up, Keegan is now looking sad but we are all sad that he is gone."  He then went on to say that Keegan was the only one brave enough to wear a bow tie and how proud his grandpa would be of him.  And all I can say to that is AMEN.

And now its too hot to wear the suit and smile anymore!

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