Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bike Ride

When Kate was little, I taught her to ride a bike.  She liked it OK but she didn't love it.  She rode her bike to school in 3rd grade but after that preferred to walk.  She outgrew it and was never interested in getting a bigger bike.

Daniel spent many and hour crying and getting frustrated and never learned to ride a bike.  Every summer I resolved to teach him and it never happened.  Mostly because he had no interest!  None, nadda, zippo. 

I always loved to ride but having a family who isn't really into that, I didn't do much riding.  I've had a bike most of my marriage (22yrs) but didn't use it a lot.  Sometimes I took it on camping trips but mostly not because we have so much stuff anyway.

Two years ago my friend convinced me to do the Goldilocks 15 mile ride.  UMMMM OK, sure I can do 15 miles of hills!!!!!!  I did with another friend (first friend was on the planning committee and couldn't ride but she cheered us on).  So the next year I did the 20 mile ride.  I might have done the 30 this year but I am saving every penny for the great kitchen remodel and didn't want to cough up the 70.00.  Last year I also did the triathlon which had a 12 mile bike ride which is plenty after swimming and still having a 3.1 run ahead of me.

So recently I have gotten in a lot more bike time.  I realize how much I've always loved riding.  I am afraid of street riding because one of our nurses got killed last year riding in town.  Another one of our nurses got hit and broke his neck (he's OK now) riding home from work.  That stuff scares me.  But I don't want to let fear hold me back.

Keegan not only asked but he begged to learn to ride.  We had two days of crying and fits after the training wheels came off.  Then I got smart and took him up to church so he had the whole parking lot to used to it.  There is a slight hill so he was able to get better at starting using the hill to his advantage.  And voila he is a pro!  Last night we rode to the school, took a picnic, played on the playground and then rode home.  It was great.  It was just he two of us because  (see above, the rest of the clan doesn't like to ride)  Kate is moving out, Daniel was helping her and Brian was at rehearsal.  I couldn't have asked for a better biking buddy.

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