Friday, May 18, 2012

3rd Place Winner

Last night was the Fun Run at Brookwood.  They have a short course for 2nd grade and under and then a 5K.  Keegan was hesitant after our last 2K where his allergies acted up and he couldn't breathe and it scared him.  But since Ian was doing it he wanted to.  I meant to run along the side because when he gets stressed or upset, he doesn't always cope well.  But they sounded the megaphone, the kids shot off and I was talking to Ian's mom who has a small baby so I decided to just head to the finish line.  We weren't there long when the first kid came dashing in at just over 3 minutes (I think it was a mile course)  The I looked up to see Keegan in a cluster of 5 or 6 rounding the end.  That group got messed up and came in on the other side of the roped off area and got confused.  I told them to come back to the curve and go under the rope.  I don't think it was cheating because they had all come in first.  No one said anything and then the principal was there directing traffic for the rest.

I knew Keegan had done well; although I missed his time (maybe 4 minutes).  Ian came in at just under 5.  Then the rest all filtered in.  Unfortunately, Keegan gets focused on results and was mad that he was not the first one in.  He crumpled his "I beat the principal" ribbon and got very bullheaded.  We let the kids play for a few minutes and then headed them inside for the Subway meal deal.  I had wanted to run the 5K but since he was still a bit agitated (I hate ADHD- people always think of the hyperactivity but its the aggression, anger and hyper focus that are hard to deal with) and Brian was at Joseph rehearsal so I was on my own.  So I skipped the 5K.

I was going to leave because Kate had to get to an audition.  I would have just given her my car, but she gets so nervous about auditioning that she didn't want to audition and figure out the driving directions.  So I kind of looked over the shoulder of the ladies entering the kid run results and saw that Keegan had indeed come in 3rd place for his age group.  He was calmed down by then and playing with Ian so I decided to stay for the awards.  Ian's mom didn't want to stay since the baby was tired and she didn't want to deal with Keegan getting a medal and Ian not getting one (I totally understand; at this age its hard to deal with not winning).  We found Juno and his mom so the boys went to play while I picked her brain about my foot (she is a podiatrist).  So the debate is still whether or not to inject with cortisone the day before the Ragnar. 

Finally, they got to the awards and although Keegan was still a bit disappointed that he wasn't first, he was pretty quick to jump up and get his award.  And honestly, I think he was in second place except for that issue with the first group going the wrong way.  That is when I realized I totally messed up because my camera was in my office and I couldn't get my phone camera to work.  UGH!

We left, got Kate to her audition where she did indeed get a call back (cross your fingers) and then had to find food for Kate, Daniel and myself (I didn't want the Subway deal).  Unfortunately, Daniel was over hungry by then and started picking on his brother.  Our evening ended with Daniel getting left at Cafe Rio at 9:30 at night because he was really being difficult.  We decided that walking home in the rain (only two miles) was probably what his pubescent attitude needed.  He had his cell and I called Brian to "tail" him on his way home from rehearsal. 

I got Keegan into bed and finally at 10:00 was able to get in a 20 minute run.  Not what I wanted for my run but at least I got a hill.  And I finally made it to the top of Oak Creek without stopping or walking.  The run down was awesome.

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