Friday, April 13, 2012

The Case of the Missing Fetus' (feti?)

I have great teaching supplies. I have two penises, one brown and one white. The white one is hidden in a box and never gets to be released from the dark confines of the box. The brown one has been named Big Brown and gets used in many a practical joke. We have to be careful though because of sexual harassment laws and all.

We have numerous pelvises, babies, epidural kits, breasts etc. And I have (had) have again my fetus set. I loved that set for teaching. They are plastic molds of a uterus with a fetus at a certain gestational age inside.

About 16 months ago, they went missing. I was so upset to lose them. I actually put money in the budget this year to replace them. It all happened when I hired M last Jan. She took it upon herself to purge the office of what she thought was old and should be gone. OK, I get that she had new digs and wanted to make them comfortable but I kept trying to redirect her to learn the job and not worry as much about the office. But she was determined to clean the office up.

Shortly after she started, I went in and she had a bunch of teaching supplies sitting on the cart and wanted to get them out of her office. My box of fetuses was one of the items on the cart. I distinctly remember saying- oh those are the fetuses I use when I teach at the community college and I need to make sure they stay safe. And I never saw them again- until today.

I went to get them to teach a class and they were gone. I asked if she had seen them and she said no, she didn't know what I was talking about. I reminded her that they had been out and I said they needed to be kept safe. She vaguely remembered. I searched high and low and finally gave up.

Today I went into the admin office and T (my new person- thank goodness) said she got a strange package. There it they were, the box tattered and taped up with postage from a city 12 miles away and no return address. No note, nothing.

Where did they go? Who would have "borrowed" them and then sent them back? Its a mystery that I will most likely never solve. But man it will be nice to have them again.

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