Saturday, March 3, 2012

Worry Wart!

I wonder if you ever quit worrying about your kids? Wait, let me answer that, no. I never told my dad when I was going cross country skiing because he was terrified of avalanches. It didn't matter taht I ski groomed trails a places that close when the danger is high, he would still say, "Elizabeth, the avalnache danger is high today. I don't want to get a call." Reminding him that was the back country and that I had a greater risk of dying driving up the canyon did no good. He worried. And everytime one of us was heading home after a long trip, he stayed up until he got a call that everyone was safe and tucked into bed.

So yesterday I was the worry wart. Kate got a part as an extra on a set. She's been an extra in a few independent films but never a real live movie. Its some made for television thing and Tori Spelling said she was cute!!!!!!! But I digress. On Wednesday, all was smoothe. I dropped her off at the bus stop and she found the call location, got signed in and I picked her up at 7 Pm. (I really wish we weren't learning a lesson about crashing our car cause I am getting tired of driving) Friday was not so easy. They didn't call with the time or location. I checked the web page and it still said she was booked so I went with better safe than sorry (which made me sorry) Despite the fact that I could have slept a bit later that day, we got up a the crack of dawn and left the house before 7 to get Keegan to childcare (no school day) and get her to the mall where they were shooting. All the trucks were there, the set was still up, and no one was there. So we drove to the extra shuttle stop and found out that they were picking people up about 8. Rather than waiting in the cold, I told her I would just take her back to the mall and we could wait. Wait is what we did. At 820 I told her I had to get to work and could she see if the extra room was open. It was-phew. I left her and she called a bit later to tell me call time was 930- Bummer! Then she called at 10ish to tell me she wasn't on the list of Extras but that they were going to fit her in if they had room. Then I heard nothing until 3 when she said they would be done about 930-10.

At 930, I hadn't heard from her. So I kept reading my Jennifer Weiner on my Kindle Fire. Then it was 10, then 1030. Nothin. I couldn't read becasue I kept thinking the worst. I couldn't sleep becasue I would have to go get her. I asked Brian if I should just drive down there. He of course wasn't helpful. I tried to read again but what if her phone had died and her friend Kristin had left and she didn't dare ask anyone if she could borrow a phone so she was sitting on the street corner in the cold hoping I would come get her. I know, irrational, she can be flakey and she doesn't always like to talk to people but she would ask to borrow a phone. Back to the book. What if she went outside to see if I was there and got locked out?! UGH! Be rational! What if she decided to take Trax and then found out it was so late the transfer bus was no longer running and she was stuck somewhere in Salt Lake with a dead phone?! Not all that unrational because she only had one "bar" when I dropped her off.

I nudged Brian- "what should I do?" He grunted something. So I got mad-"why are you so unconcerned?!" "I'm driving down there!!!!" He said, well take your Kindle in case you have to sit. Really?! That is all he can think?! Our oldest child and only girl could be somewhere in the city at night wandering around aimlessly and all he has to say is take your Kindle!

I got in the car and not 2 seconds later my cell rang. "Hi mom, we are done, it should take about 30 minutes to finish the paperwork" I worried for nothing. I drove down and got to the mall just as she finished her paperwork. We drove home while she told me all about her brush with fame that Tori smiled at her and told the director "that one is really cute" and someone named Tia (I need to read pop magazines more) was really sweet and nervous to do her scene in front of the Extras. Then she took my car to go sleep at her friend's house. She is almost 20 years old. I know, by 20 I lived in my own apartment, I worked full time (at that very mall) and I never checked in with my parents. Oh wait, I still checked in with pappa when we got home from Captiol Reef a mere 3 weeks before he died. I guess we never stop worrying.

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