Wednesday, March 21, 2012


The past few months I have been consumed with "The Conference" Every year I chair the local perinatal conference and its a big event but I've done it long enough I like to think that my committee and I have it down. This year was different. On October 26th I got a call (well two calls but I digress) The related call was from the UBC president who said "we can get Nils Bergman here in March do you want to combine conferences?" I said yes, I do but I have to get back with you because my mom called (other call) and my dad is at Huntsman Cancer with dehydration. I need to check on him. But lets meet next Th to plan. Of course that other call was far worse than anyone expected, dad died and his viewing was "next Thursday" So we post-poned the meeting for a few weeks. Thus we lost two weeks in the beginning and four weeks in the end for planning (we usually have the conference in April). Then I lost my secretary (blessing in disguise) So with a new assistant, joining committees and a fast turn around, we did it! We usually host 60-90 people and this year there were 230 attendees. We were at a new venue and we had breakout sessions. There was a lot to consider so I worked 10-12 hr days a lot for the past month. And then I took 4 days off work. I'm a total public health geek, but I not only got to pick Dr. Bergman up from the airport and help him get settled but he gave me a gift from South Africa and a huge hug when he left. Wow! We all have our moments of glory.

My sister is in town- she helped with my committee and attended the conference. Then she forgot to leave. So I am totally enjoying having her and a my niece to entertain me until her husband drives out in a few days. We laugh and drink wine and its awesome. But I am also a bad mom. I haven't done laundry and have been a total slacker on helping Keegan with his homework. Did I mention I don't like his teacher and so maybe its some kind of subliminal passive aggressiveness. I know he is a tricky child and that he has a hard time sitting still. Believe me I do know. and I also know that he has the most tender heart and great sense of humor when you look past the constant motion. She asked at parent teacher conferences if he had something going on in his life because he had been harder to deal with that week. When I said, I am working 12 hr days and we had to put our dog down she said "you can't go around making excuses for him." Excuse me?! You asked I didn't offer that info until you asked. I do believe those things would affect a highly sensitive kid so shut it! I didn't really say that out loud.

On another note, I am not making a job move. I'm both relieved and bummed. When the peds manager quit, my boss told me to apply for his job. I did even though I love what I do. Then the other director never even called me for an interview before hiring TJ. Really?! Everyone I work with who knew about it was shocked that she didn't even call me and that she hired someone that none of us care for. But oh well, I love what I do and I think I'll settle in to some catching up instead of jumping into a new position. Plus I am presenting at UPHA and I have to write a position paper for ICEA. Its not like I'm bored or anything.

My final big event for the last week was St. Patty's. Yes, I am an Irish Girl, short, red headed and fiery just the way they make 'em. I ran the Leprechaun Lope with my sister. Damn that was a hard course and I don't know my time because it seems there was a timing chip error. So somewhere between 35-37 min. Which is slow for me but my sciatica, periformus and knee were all bothering me. Plus did I mention the first 3/4 was uphill and I mean a steep grade. I busted the downhill for the last 1/4 but I had to walk parts of it. Its the first of the season so I'll do better at the Girl Scout Cookie Chaser next month.

After that we went to the parade- not because I like parades but because Mom does. She was reminiscing about how she had likely only missed 6 parades since the first one in 1979 smart mouth me said "I've probably only been to 6 since 1979." After that we went to Mass (Sat evening which is weird to me) since it was being said for Pappa. And finally my favorite part corned beef and cabbage. Oh I could just eat and eat and eat. I kept myself pretty much under control. But then just because some of the fam was going to missed the church sponsored corned beef, we did a repeat on Sunday at my house. Oh I love that stuff.

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