Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Last night I had to run to the store for a few things for dinner. Daniel said he wanted to go with me which meant Keegan was coming too. UGH. I wanted to run in and out; she says, 120.00 later.

All the Valentines stuff is out. I really don't care for that Hallmark Holiday but Keegan is a lover (sweet, young and innocent boy). He kept throwing things in the cart- for me; to be bought with my money. I generally let him put stuff in and then make him choose and then go put everything else back. By the time we got to decision time, I was getting two huge boxes of cheap chocolates (I'm a chocolate snob), two plush animals, a potted rose and some rose petals. We narrowed down to the rose petals and a box of chocolates. Along with the impulse items I got because of the sale, Keegan's class valentines and the stuff we really needed.

After dinner Keegan decided that I needed a relaxing bath. I did need one, but I also needed to clean my very disorganized house. I have hit my point of not being able to cope with the clutter. So he filled the tub and threw in the rose petals. Then he threw in two different flavors of bath products and he "perfumed" the air. I got in the tub and he stood outside yelling in, are you relaxing, is that a romantic bath, aren't you so glad I did that for you? Then he set a time and told me when I had to get out. He then came in and put lotion on my arms and legs. Two additional flavors/scents. I smelled like The Body Shop blew up in my pajamas. Then he gave me a back rub.

Despite the fact that I had other plans and I smelled like I needed to take a cleansing shower, it was really sweet- but not very relaxing or romantic.

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