Saturday, February 4, 2012


When I was 7 or 8 I sang a song to my aunt while she was babysitting. It went like this:

Yankee Doodle went to London riding on a lady. Pulled her tit and made her shit and then she had a baby.

I must have learned it at school or from the neighbor kids. Apparently she thought it was hysterical and told my parents. I think they might have laughed but I'm not sure because the next thing I know I'm being told that its my First Reconciliation. I was confused, I thought it was my First Eucharist. Mom explained it to me (why didn't they tell me this in CCD?!) and dad drove me. I wanted a white dress, veil and presents instead I got a lecture on singing dirty songs and how maybe that was something I should confess. That's about all I remember. Apparently it wasn't that bad and I went many times after that. I could still recite the whole thing. I don't go to reconciliation any more. I don't mind, I'm not scared, I just don't.

Today was Keegan's First Reconciliation. I made sure he knew what it was and why he was going etc etc etc. OK, I did almost forget it was today. The meeting we went to was three days after my dad's funeral. The date didn't stick in my head and I don't recall seeing a reminder in the bulletin. Thanks to Meredith, I was in the know and didn't forget to take him. I planned to just put him in cords and a sweater. He chose a pin striped suit complete with vest, jacket and tie. Oh and a safari hat- whatever. He said he would prefer a top hat and bow tie but he would just have to go with what he had.

We sat down in the pew and he whispered to me that he wasn't nervous. But he bit his nail for the next 30 minutes. We were in the third row so he was one of the first. He wanted to go to Fr. Dave but Fr. Paul had the faster line so he was sent over there. He came out and said it was great. Not too scary then we headed over to the social hall for a cookie and hot chocolate. Somehow, I don't think they had cookies pre Vatican II.

So now for my reconciliation joke.

Two little boys were waiting for reconciliation. The first one finally got called back. He went in and Fr. O'Brien said, why hello me lad, what sins do you want to confess. Little Patrick said, well Father, I have been bad. I messed around with one of the girls at my school. Oh dear said Fr. O'Brien. Was it Mary Margaret Mulligan? Oh no Father said Patrick and I can't tell who it was. Well said Father, then was it Emily Shannon? No Father he replied. I will never tell. Ah said the good Father, then it must have been Katherine Sullivan. No said Patrick. He finished his confession and was sent on his way. He went back to sit by his friend who asked "what did he give you?" Well replied Patrick, he gave me six Hail Mary's and 3 good leads.

Our afternoon ended with the winter voice recital. I found myself a bit teary because it was the first recital after dad died. He was my kids' biggest fan. "Smith can sing" and now, younger Smith can sing and he would be soooooo proud.

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