Sunday, February 26, 2012

Little Lover

Quite the weekend we have had. Yesterday, Brian forgot to put on the emergency brake when he parked on a hill while picking up Daniel. He turned around to see the car rolling backwards with Keegan still in the back seat. As any good dad would do, he ran as fast as he could to try to catch the car but instead of making a grand save he wound of face first on the pavement. He tripped, hit his chin, scraped his arm and most likely cracked a rib. (He isn't having much luck in the rib department but the trip to Hawaii where he ended up in the hospital with a broken collar bone, three broken ribs and a PE shall be left for another time) The car came to a stop when it crashed into a mailbox. Luckily, the car, the boy and the mailbox suffered less than Brian.

I had to work, then I had to help out at the guitar concert and I'm beat. I've been working long days getting ready for the conference in two weeks. So I needed some time today.

After church, I headed up the mountain for a couple of hours of cross country skiing. Beats the heck out of running since you burn as many calorie without the joint impact. I think its a great cross training activity. I got a bug up my butt and decided that I was going to ski every loop of the Nordic Center. I think I did something like 12K. All I know is it was beautiful, peaceful, hard, envigorating and fun.

When I got home, Keegan put on a suit and told me needed to have a meeting. When he was four he used to put on his "fancy clothes" and pretend he was Arock Abama (you know, the president). This time, he was in charge of our finances. He wrote out line items and asked me how much we should spend on each item, wrote it down and totaled it up. Then asked me if i thought we could afford it. What a kid.

Next on his agenda was Go Fish. Honestly, I don't think I've had so much fun for awhile. OK, I've had a lot of fun but I really enjoyed out two games.

Then we ended the night with a pedicure. He decided that I needed to have polish on. I let him do my toes since I was a bit worried about my nails with work tomorrow. Good thing because if you saw my toes you would be glad too that my fingers are not manicured as well. He started with a nice pumice scrub and then polish. He used three colors, red, blue and pink. If I am in a car accident, please tell the paramedics that I don't need a pulse ox on my big toe. My circulation is fine, its just the polish combination and the fact that it is all over my toes and not just the nails that makes me look hypoxic.

All in all it was a great weekend. Winning the Kindle, grateful that everyone is OK and the love and attention of the sweetest little boy on the planet.

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