Friday, February 24, 2012

Hot Damn

So tonight was the first fish fry for the Lenten season. I love the fish fry, except when I'm pregnant (which I don't believe will ever happen again). I don't eat fried fish any other time of year and as my friend Susan and I decided, its church sanctioned so it must be healthy, right?!

Anyway, this year they had a raffle for a Kindle Fire. I kind of wanted it. I mean not enough to buy more than a "donation" amount of tickets or to mug an old lady to get it. So we got our fish and were having a great time. They did the first 50/50 drawing and no one at my table won. I was thinking about going home but decided to get some tickets for the Kindle. While I was painfully writing my name and number on the tickets (I hate hand writing- it really does hurt my hands to write) when Nora (remember sweet Nora) came out and threw her tickets in and said "The luck of the Irish will win!" I looked up and said, but Nora, I am the Irish one, not you. She told me I was taking her fun away.

I went back in to see how the drawing went (being as Keegan was off vandalizing the church or being a ring leader or something so I didn't need to worry about him) They did the second 50/50 drawing (yes, Catholics like a good fund raiser drawing) and finally they pulled a ticket for the Kindle and sure as shit I won!!!!!!!!!!! Wowie wow wow wow.

I went to get my Kindle and there was Nora teasing me about winning. Fr. Dave said not to let her tease me because she gives him crap every day. But then Brian took under the auspices of charging it. Good thing I had so many witnesses that it was my Kindle and not my husband's. And he forgot to take Keegan home with him. Good thing I double checked before I went home!

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