Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Heavy Heart

Ever since she disappeared in 2009, I knew that Josh Powell killed his wife or was at least an accessory to the crime. There was just no way he was innocent. It reminded me of Mark Hacking when he killed his wife Lori.

I watched the case unfold and I hoped that they would arrest him after that psych press conference in Nevada. I hoped they would arrest him after his dad was arrested for pornography. I hoped that when he took that lie detector test last week that something would be found. I just feel so bad for her parents constantly waiting to find out for sure that their daughter is dead. I was glad that the Cox's had custody of the boys.

So on Sunday after a nice day of cross country skiing, I got to my sister's to watch the Super Bowl and she greeted me with "have you been watching the Susan Powell case?" I replied with yes, "did they arrest that guy finally; isn't he in jail?" She said no, he just blew up his house with the kids in it. Oh God. As the story began to unfold it made me sick to my stomach. If he wanted to die why didn't he just kill himself? Turns out the guy was so sick and demented and viewed his boys as possessions and if he couldn't have them, nobody could.

Then I saw the report on the autopsy. He killed them with a fucking hatchet and then blew the house up. All I can think is that he should rot in hell. But then I remember what I told one of the girls in my religion class on Sunday. "We never know what goes on in some one's heart and soul. We don't know what happens between them and God so we cannot be the judge." I just hope with all my heart that these two innocent boys are now in the arms of their mother and at peace. And God grant peace to the Cox family- this is an unspeakable tragedy. But I also agree with the officer who said-"This was an evil act- if we call it a tragedy, then it lessons what happened."

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