Saturday, February 4, 2012

F**king Muffin

Keegan loves bad words. Great! He also learned the "F" word from Uncle Joe. I tried to keep that one from him. I never say it so I thought it would be OK. He knew there was an F word but I told him it was "FUDGE!" He's no dummy.

We stopped to get coffee on the way to school/work/daycare. I had gotten Keegan a hot chocolate and a muffin. He gets breakfast at day care but he doesn't like it. I don't know what was wrong with the muffin but he didn't like it. He was being obstinate and bull headed. I told him to get out of the car and he wouldn't. I told him he needed to eat the muffin now or not have it. No go. Finally the car pool girls got there so he gave in. But instead of admitting defeat graciously, he yelled from the back seat, "fine, just give me the FUCKING MUFFIN!" I calmly told him we don't say those words and let him eat a few bites. I put the rest in his lunch box. We walked inside and you would have thought that nothing ever happened the way he ran to play with his friends.

I got back to the car and Daniel just looked at me and said, "well at least he used it in the right context." Oh Daniel- Mr. Logic! I told my in-laws and now when they are tired and hungry they say, "I'm in a fucking muffin kind of mood."

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