Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Do you Make Healthy Lunches? We aren't in a movie!!!!

That is what I was asked on Sunday evening. It came from out of no where and was accompanied by a lot of tension and stress. Keegan is one complex child; one minute he is fine, the next he is enraged about some obscure event. One never knows.

He spent about ten minutes going on about the healthy lunches I send to school and how I should send him with a soda. I couldn't get him to tell me if one of his friends had a soda in their lunch and he was jealous.

Then not ten minutes later, he is upset about how I don't cook healthy foods. WHAT?!

So I got it all sorted out after a period of me being very non-emotional in my responses, not interrupting and allowing him to have a moment to get his frustrations out. I am getting better at this. I've always wanted to jump in and fix my kids' problems but Keegan needs to process. I have to give him time to work it out in his head. Once I can see he is calm, then I can be involved. This is not what parenting looked like to me when I was 18.

It turns out they were given an assignment in school where they wrote a New Year's resolution on a penguin and turned it in. He had written down that he would eat healthy food. He does eat healthy food but does have some occasional treats. He was feeling guilty that he broke his promise and so he wanted to throw the whole thing out the window. I tried to get him to make a new resolution but he couldn't get past the part that he had written it down on the stupid penguin. I hate New Year's Resolutions and I don't make them.

This kid is the biggest challenge and yet so rewarding. I just want to snuggle-love his squishiness but he is at school and I am at work.

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