Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa and OSHA

Daniel or D as I refer to him has always been Mr. Logic. I have called him Mr. Spock on more than one occasion because he drives me crazy with his lack of creative thinking. Not that he doesn't have a great imagination and he is fun and spontaneous at times. Its mainly with Keegan that he gets so bull headed and set in his opinion.

So the other day we were driving home and Keegan said, "why can't Santa bring you all the things you want." So I explained that if Santa brought everything it would be too much and we would become greedy. So Santa thinks very hard about what might make you really happy but not give you too much. Keegan said "oh, and probably he has to wait for sales at Target and he can't always get stuff on sale." Um ya, that too. Then Keegan proceeds with "I don't know why Santa can't just make the legos so that they cost less and he could bring me more." As I tried to come up with a response, I hear from the peanut gallery in the passenger seat "Santa doesn't have the patent on Legos and so he isn't allowed to make them." I shot him a look of shut it! But he didn't stop. Before long he has moved to how Santa wasn't obeying copyrights at one time and so they sent in OSHA to inspect his factory and he almost got shut down. Then OSHA set up regulations, they brought in patent attorneys and got the whole thing straightened out.

I tried giving him "the look" and I tried a good ole fashioned slug in the arm and I tried a smack on the leg to no avail. The conversation was out of my control. For every question Keegan had about Santa, D answered with some regulation baloney. Next thing I know he is telling Keegan how Santa had to work with the FAA to ensure the US airspace was approved and how he pays a yearly fee to fly over the United States. Out of exasperation Keegan finally said "Santa is better than the President of the United States!!!! He does good things like bring toys. The president just sits around all day at a desk wearing a suit. He can't boss Santa around." And then thankfully, he saw something shiny or a squirrel caught his attention or whatever led to a new interest and that conversation was over. Thank God because I didn't know where it was going or how I was going to reign it in.

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