Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Brian and Keegan watch a She-RA every night before bed. Don't judge they like it and it gives me 20 minutes to be by myself. We read too, don't get me wrong its not all cartoons and bon bons at my happy abode. So the other night Keegan would not come in for their snuggle time. He was very busy building a lego that he was going to sell on ebay for 102.00. When he puts his mind to something, he doesn't give up easily. So Brian turned on the cartoon. There must have only been one or two notes and from across the hall we hear, "Really Dad?! You're Really going to watch She-RA without me?" "I can't believe you would even think about doing that." And I started giggling because that phrasing it ALL ME. I say that all the time, "Really, you think that is the best choice to make?" "Really, you would go to school in that outfit." Hmm I better vary my expressions.

So what else has been happening. Well, I have been swamped at work, at home, everywhere. I hired the most wonderful new AA. She is amazing and wonderful and has done more in two weeks than M did in a whole year. When it was down to the two of them last year when I hired, I should have gone with my gut. But maybe last year was a learning experience for me.

Then there was the accident. Kate rear-ended someone on the freeway. Joy! I know that accidents happen and she is a careful driver but oh the aggravation. The car is totaled and she only had liability insurance so we will have to look at a replacement or she will have to go back to the bus. The problem is that our transit isn't so great from our house and its winter and very cold. So this morning I woke up at 5:40 so that I could be ready for work and then drop her off at the bus stop in time to go back and get the boys ready for school. All this after a late work night. Sadly, she has to be at the U at 7:30 and I don't (Can't) get here until 7:50 due to the boys' schedules. But in the scheme of things, it will all work out.

Daniel just turned 16. I am a total loser of a mom. I didn't get a party planned and he was in the pit for Diedo so he was at rehearsal all the time. Then he got cut from the pit because there were too many guitars. Here we are a month out and I really need to get a party planned. 16 is kind of a big one to just gloss over. Laser Quest here we come- now I just need to get some invitations printed.

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