Friday, January 6, 2012

Is it Friday yet?!

I had to work on Monday since back in April when I made the schedule I thought the holiday was on Friday the 30th not Monday the 2nd. Ooops I had 9 couples scheduled for class so no backing out. BUMMER! Being exempt, it means I work; no overtime, no comp time, nothin. But since I have a lot of flexibility I planned to make up for it by leaving really early today. That was a nice idea.

Since my AA quit right after Christmas, I am in the process of finding a new person. Really, this is good. She was giving me grief. And I am chair for a conference with an international speaker. We are on crunch time for that. I still thought I would be out after I did a private cesarean class for a mom on bedrest (sweet woman bless her!) But the gods intervened and I wasn't sure why. One of my staff had to get her flu documentation in today or would be written up on Monday. I wouldn't write her up because I knew she had the shot but the hospital was forcing it on anyone out of compliance. YIKES! She wasn't going to be there until somewhere between 3-4. Well about 3:45 I got a call that there was a mistake and a couple came in for lactation but were scheduled with a doctor. They had driven from PC which is 30 miles away. So I ran up and did a consult. And they were so sweet and the baby darling and I'm glad I stayed even though I ended up there until after 5:00 making my short day a ten hour day.

So naturally when I got Keegan picked up, I just wanted to get take out and a movie. He had other ideas- swimming! YEAH!. Luckily he changed his mind and decided to go to a movie but Alvin and the Chipmunks was the only movie at a reasonable time with a reasonable rating. Joy! So we went. Just shoot me please. But it was a great date and I got to tell Brian how lucky he was that he was working late and got out of it. Keegan didn't corroborate my story and told him it was awesome and they sang Lady GaGa. I'm sorry, how do you know who she is? But apparently he does.

On another note, I got my interview questions ready today. I use behavior based questions and I love them. No more "where do you see yourself in ten years." but rather "if you could be the other gender for a week would you do it? Why or Why Not?" This should be fun!

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