Sunday, January 1, 2012

Game Night

For New Year's Eve this year, we went to a friends house. That is unusual. For the past many years, I have had my family over for a party. We often play games, we drink, we just have a bunch of dumb fun.

Two years ago was the Epic year that will go down in history and the stories will be told to the grandchildren. For some reason Joe got all the guys drinking whiskey and red bull. It all ended with Chris stealing my sweater (the ravishing brown sweater)- don't worry, I put a different one on and gave it to him. Three of the guys slid down the slide in freezing temperatures. Bill yarked in the kitchen and thankfully Ron wasn't drinking and caught it with a plastic bag (I still thank him for that). Then Bill climbed in my dog bed, called it the Cul de Sac and tried to sleep there. I wasn't going for that. I got out the camp mat and had him sleep on that in the kitchen. Then if he yarked it would be on cleanable floor. Chris kept asking where everyone was and saying emphatically "He should BE HERE!" The whole thing you had to be there for to enjoy the jokes but we still talk about it all the time anyway.

Last year was mellow, a smaller less alcoholic party with everyone who was in town. I think, I can't remember if the Glovers were here. We had fun, we played Scrabble and little did we know it was the last time we would have the holiday season with Pappa.

So this year, I was kind of glad that we got invited to Jeff's house. It was a good excuse to not have the party. We kept all the other Christmas traditions but bagged New Years. Brian and I had a great time. The kids were fine to be left here with pizza and poppers for midnight.

But I still wanted Game Night. So we did New Year's Game Day. I made the yummy BBQ Whiskey Sliders from Pioneer Woman's website and we pulled out the Scrabble. Why do I love that game so much. I rarely win but its fun. And I'm still mad that Em put her stupid YODEL where I was going to put BRAINY. i would have won!

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