Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Brian and Keegan watch a She-RA every night before bed. Don't judge they like it and it gives me 20 minutes to be by myself. We read too, don't get me wrong its not all cartoons and bon bons at my happy abode. So the other night Keegan would not come in for their snuggle time. He was very busy building a lego that he was going to sell on ebay for 102.00. When he puts his mind to something, he doesn't give up easily. So Brian turned on the cartoon. There must have only been one or two notes and from across the hall we hear, "Really Dad?! You're Really going to watch She-RA without me?" "I can't believe you would even think about doing that." And I started giggling because that phrasing it ALL ME. I say that all the time, "Really, you think that is the best choice to make?" "Really, you would go to school in that outfit." Hmm I better vary my expressions.

So what else has been happening. Well, I have been swamped at work, at home, everywhere. I hired the most wonderful new AA. She is amazing and wonderful and has done more in two weeks than M did in a whole year. When it was down to the two of them last year when I hired, I should have gone with my gut. But maybe last year was a learning experience for me.

Then there was the accident. Kate rear-ended someone on the freeway. Joy! I know that accidents happen and she is a careful driver but oh the aggravation. The car is totaled and she only had liability insurance so we will have to look at a replacement or she will have to go back to the bus. The problem is that our transit isn't so great from our house and its winter and very cold. So this morning I woke up at 5:40 so that I could be ready for work and then drop her off at the bus stop in time to go back and get the boys ready for school. All this after a late work night. Sadly, she has to be at the U at 7:30 and I don't (Can't) get here until 7:50 due to the boys' schedules. But in the scheme of things, it will all work out.

Daniel just turned 16. I am a total loser of a mom. I didn't get a party planned and he was in the pit for Diedo so he was at rehearsal all the time. Then he got cut from the pit because there were too many guitars. Here we are a month out and I really need to get a party planned. 16 is kind of a big one to just gloss over. Laser Quest here we come- now I just need to get some invitations printed.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why Do you Make Healthy Lunches? We aren't in a movie!!!!

That is what I was asked on Sunday evening. It came from out of no where and was accompanied by a lot of tension and stress. Keegan is one complex child; one minute he is fine, the next he is enraged about some obscure event. One never knows.

He spent about ten minutes going on about the healthy lunches I send to school and how I should send him with a soda. I couldn't get him to tell me if one of his friends had a soda in their lunch and he was jealous.

Then not ten minutes later, he is upset about how I don't cook healthy foods. WHAT?!

So I got it all sorted out after a period of me being very non-emotional in my responses, not interrupting and allowing him to have a moment to get his frustrations out. I am getting better at this. I've always wanted to jump in and fix my kids' problems but Keegan needs to process. I have to give him time to work it out in his head. Once I can see he is calm, then I can be involved. This is not what parenting looked like to me when I was 18.

It turns out they were given an assignment in school where they wrote a New Year's resolution on a penguin and turned it in. He had written down that he would eat healthy food. He does eat healthy food but does have some occasional treats. He was feeling guilty that he broke his promise and so he wanted to throw the whole thing out the window. I tried to get him to make a new resolution but he couldn't get past the part that he had written it down on the stupid penguin. I hate New Year's Resolutions and I don't make them.

This kid is the biggest challenge and yet so rewarding. I just want to snuggle-love his squishiness but he is at school and I am at work.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Is it Friday yet?!

I had to work on Monday since back in April when I made the schedule I thought the holiday was on Friday the 30th not Monday the 2nd. Ooops I had 9 couples scheduled for class so no backing out. BUMMER! Being exempt, it means I work; no overtime, no comp time, nothin. But since I have a lot of flexibility I planned to make up for it by leaving really early today. That was a nice idea.

Since my AA quit right after Christmas, I am in the process of finding a new person. Really, this is good. She was giving me grief. And I am chair for a conference with an international speaker. We are on crunch time for that. I still thought I would be out after I did a private cesarean class for a mom on bedrest (sweet woman bless her!) But the gods intervened and I wasn't sure why. One of my staff had to get her flu documentation in today or would be written up on Monday. I wouldn't write her up because I knew she had the shot but the hospital was forcing it on anyone out of compliance. YIKES! She wasn't going to be there until somewhere between 3-4. Well about 3:45 I got a call that there was a mistake and a couple came in for lactation but were scheduled with a doctor. They had driven from PC which is 30 miles away. So I ran up and did a consult. And they were so sweet and the baby darling and I'm glad I stayed even though I ended up there until after 5:00 making my short day a ten hour day.

So naturally when I got Keegan picked up, I just wanted to get take out and a movie. He had other ideas- swimming! YEAH!. Luckily he changed his mind and decided to go to a movie but Alvin and the Chipmunks was the only movie at a reasonable time with a reasonable rating. Joy! So we went. Just shoot me please. But it was a great date and I got to tell Brian how lucky he was that he was working late and got out of it. Keegan didn't corroborate my story and told him it was awesome and they sang Lady GaGa. I'm sorry, how do you know who she is? But apparently he does.

On another note, I got my interview questions ready today. I use behavior based questions and I love them. No more "where do you see yourself in ten years." but rather "if you could be the other gender for a week would you do it? Why or Why Not?" This should be fun!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Santa and OSHA

Daniel or D as I refer to him has always been Mr. Logic. I have called him Mr. Spock on more than one occasion because he drives me crazy with his lack of creative thinking. Not that he doesn't have a great imagination and he is fun and spontaneous at times. Its mainly with Keegan that he gets so bull headed and set in his opinion.

So the other day we were driving home and Keegan said, "why can't Santa bring you all the things you want." So I explained that if Santa brought everything it would be too much and we would become greedy. So Santa thinks very hard about what might make you really happy but not give you too much. Keegan said "oh, and probably he has to wait for sales at Target and he can't always get stuff on sale." Um ya, that too. Then Keegan proceeds with "I don't know why Santa can't just make the legos so that they cost less and he could bring me more." As I tried to come up with a response, I hear from the peanut gallery in the passenger seat "Santa doesn't have the patent on Legos and so he isn't allowed to make them." I shot him a look of shut it! But he didn't stop. Before long he has moved to how Santa wasn't obeying copyrights at one time and so they sent in OSHA to inspect his factory and he almost got shut down. Then OSHA set up regulations, they brought in patent attorneys and got the whole thing straightened out.

I tried giving him "the look" and I tried a good ole fashioned slug in the arm and I tried a smack on the leg to no avail. The conversation was out of my control. For every question Keegan had about Santa, D answered with some regulation baloney. Next thing I know he is telling Keegan how Santa had to work with the FAA to ensure the US airspace was approved and how he pays a yearly fee to fly over the United States. Out of exasperation Keegan finally said "Santa is better than the President of the United States!!!! He does good things like bring toys. The president just sits around all day at a desk wearing a suit. He can't boss Santa around." And then thankfully, he saw something shiny or a squirrel caught his attention or whatever led to a new interest and that conversation was over. Thank God because I didn't know where it was going or how I was going to reign it in.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Well That Was FUN!

Back to school for Keegan. Two weeks off was great but their school started back on the actual holiday. Daniel and Kate are still of until tomorrow and Brian has the day off. I have to work since I thought Friday was the holiday and scheduled myself to teach tonight (sad face).

I should have gotten him up earlier. I let him sleep later since he went to bed late and Em was late bringing Marcus. I love little Marcus, however, it makes my morning hard when I have an extra person to add to the mix.

To say Keegan woke up on the wrong side of the bed is like saying that the bombing of Hiroshima was an inconvenience. YIKES! He yelled, he kept going back to sleep, he threw his toast, he wouldn't move, he blamed me and in the end, he was tardy and I had to check him in at the office. I didn't walk him to class so I am assuming that he actually got there. He was acting like his backpack was too heavy and he couldn't walk down the hall. I had to turn around and walk out. I hate those parenting days. I guess I could have walked him down, but that would be enabling him.

He is a challenge. And he is sweet and funny and enthusiastic. I kept my patience for the most part and that is all a mom can ask on days like this. Now to clean my house with a toddler in tow.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Game Night

For New Year's Eve this year, we went to a friends house. That is unusual. For the past many years, I have had my family over for a party. We often play games, we drink, we just have a bunch of dumb fun.

Two years ago was the Epic year that will go down in history and the stories will be told to the grandchildren. For some reason Joe got all the guys drinking whiskey and red bull. It all ended with Chris stealing my sweater (the ravishing brown sweater)- don't worry, I put a different one on and gave it to him. Three of the guys slid down the slide in freezing temperatures. Bill yarked in the kitchen and thankfully Ron wasn't drinking and caught it with a plastic bag (I still thank him for that). Then Bill climbed in my dog bed, called it the Cul de Sac and tried to sleep there. I wasn't going for that. I got out the camp mat and had him sleep on that in the kitchen. Then if he yarked it would be on cleanable floor. Chris kept asking where everyone was and saying emphatically "He should BE HERE!" The whole thing you had to be there for to enjoy the jokes but we still talk about it all the time anyway.

Last year was mellow, a smaller less alcoholic party with everyone who was in town. I think, I can't remember if the Glovers were here. We had fun, we played Scrabble and little did we know it was the last time we would have the holiday season with Pappa.

So this year, I was kind of glad that we got invited to Jeff's house. It was a good excuse to not have the party. We kept all the other Christmas traditions but bagged New Years. Brian and I had a great time. The kids were fine to be left here with pizza and poppers for midnight.

But I still wanted Game Night. So we did New Year's Game Day. I made the yummy BBQ Whiskey Sliders from Pioneer Woman's website and we pulled out the Scrabble. Why do I love that game so much. I rarely win but its fun. And I'm still mad that Em put her stupid YODEL where I was going to put BRAINY. i would have won!