Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You All for Coming Here Tonight

Last night I was tired. I worked longer than planned, ran to the grocery store to get the rest of the stuff for tacos, picked up Keegan and headed home. Then I realized I forgot cheese. You CAN'T HAVE TACOS WITHOUT CHEESE! I didn't want to take Keegs to the store because that is an effort in patience with him wanting everything. Luckily Brian was getting ready to head home so he said he would get the cheese.

So I sat down to check email. Our tree is up and we always have the stuffed bears and animals sitting at the base of the tree. Brian has a mini harp that he bought when he was about 19 that had been in the storage closet. Keegan brought it up when took out the decorations so it was sitting by the fireplace. I'm typing away and hear from behind me "thank you all for coming here tonight." Curious, I turn around and find Keegan talking to the bears. Then he sits down and plays the harp for about 3 minutes. Stands up, bows and heads out to play with his toys. I love that little munchkin with all my heart. He is challenging and difficult and bullheaded but he is also the sweetest kid on earth. Now to continue working on his temper.

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