Thursday, December 1, 2011

Blubbering Ball of Tears

I probably should have skipped the make up today. Everything is making me cry. I took pizza and beer up to Fr. Dave since he and dad shared a birthday. Well, a bottle of beer and a gift card for pizza but close enough. I took thank you notes to the staff for all their help with the funeral. I held it together until I got in my car and then sobbed all the way to work.

I pulled myself together again to get into the office without anyone asking me what was wrong. And then I logged onto Facebook and saw the messages my sibs had written on his wall. And I began sobbing again. Its good though. I have always been the stoic one and I think its healthy to cry.

Its going to be a loooooong day today. I have staff meeting which has to be held in the evening. I would have come in later but my 1:1 with my boss was moved to this morning. And then it was moved to this afternoon due to the high winds up North. And now its cancelled since my boss is stuck on the freeway in Centerville. So I could have stayed home but since I'm here, I guess I'll work.

Yesterday, I had a great time running errands with Keegan. That is an unusual statement because running errands with him is not fun. He feels the need to buy something at EVERY store-"it won't be spensive!!!!!" is his war cry. Then if he gets bored he complains the whole time I am somewhere. But not yesterday. Bless his little heart. We had to go to the EVOO store to cash in my Groupon that was getting close to expiration. (If you don't have a bulk EVOO and balsamic vinegar store in your area, you are missing out!) Then to Walmart for some photos where he didn't even ask to look at the Legos. We did get his snow boots since this wind is supposed to bring snow at some point. Then to Sunflower for coffee and a few things. By then I was tired. We still needed to stop at Starbucks for gift cards and then The Pie for a pizza gift card. YIKES. He was such a trooper that when he wanted to know if we could go to the Dollar Store to spend his allowance, I told him it was a great idea. He only had 7.00 and he'd never been to the dollar store. He had high expectations and I think was a bit disappointed with the selection but found 6 items of junk that he really wanted to buy and had the time of his life!

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