Wednesday, November 23, 2011

This That and The Other

I decided to repaint the living and dining rooms on Sat. It is a project I was contemplating for about a year but it kept getting pushed aside. I planned on doing it mid-October, but that kind of went to hell real quick. So last Wed, I stopped at Home Depot and got some paint. I have a rug that is blue, green, burgundy, brown and golden yellow. Since the two rooms are connected but have a natural break at the fireplace, I decide to do the dining area deep burgundy and the living area a sage (ish) green. Both colors are in the rug. My mom was sure it wouldn't work when I told her about it. So last Sat. I got up and started the job. I quickly spackled and while that was drying I made gingerbread cookies (don't ask). Then I sanded and started on the dining room. I almost immediately had unintended and not exactly wanted help from a seven year old. (Decorating gingerbread only kept him occupied so long). I tried TV, games, etc but he just wanted to paint. And not with a little brush. I got smart and called a friend to come over and play.

With the first coat of burgundy on, I quickly straightened up for the "company" and while we waited I broke out the green. Now I'm getting smarter. I figured out that if I load the roller with paint, then its not too drippy and Keegan actually does a great job with rolling as long as I can keep him far enough away from the edging (you may have noticed that I don't tape or prime. I know, not the professional way, but I was going over a very light yellow. The burgundy was paint with primer and the green was fine with me if it has a bit more of a yellow tint. I don't tape because honestly, I've gotten really good with trim and detail work- just a little bragging). Alas the friend arrived and I could get to work on the edges and then the second coat for each room. I worked all day, but by 6:00 PM, both rooms were done and drying. I was able to take Kate and her friend to see The Sunshine Boys at Pinnacle Acting.

With my fresh new room, I needed new accessories. The plan is to recover the Queen Anne chair I got from my great aunt's house because the thrift store wouldn't take it and actually it ended up to be very comfy although very ugly. I have a great dark blue fabric but a huge handicap with sewing and that sort of crafty stuff. So Em is going to come over on Sunday to help with that while I recover the dining room chairs. I can do those because they require my kind of tools; a screw driver and a staple gun. I have a great stripe with all the colors of the rug. I hope I have enough to make two pillows (or rather hand that project off to she who can sew).

But I digress. I needed to go to IKEA. I had saved my 300.00 that I won in Wendover last month and planned to use it on accessories. I'm generally cheap but this was free money so woo hoo! I bought a bunch of cute little shelves, two lamps and shelving for my laundry room. Now IKEA is not an easy little jaunt, you practically have to pack a lunch to get there and make sure you go to the bathroom so you don't have to make a pit stop on the way. OK, I exaggerate its only like 15 miles but its South I never go South it just makes it seem so far away. Why does it matter how far away? Well because I got home and found out that one of the lamps was black. It was in the white pile!!!!!! So I had to go back to exchange it. UGH!

I got back there last night which was really a pain because I picked up Keegan we got right into rush hour traffic. I know, I'm spoiled but with my work hours I rarely drive in rush hour and with the location I rarely take the main freeway, I use the belt route which is less congested. So we get there and head in to return the lamp (or rather exchange it) I get my number and sit down and wait and wait and wait. Keegan was awesome and I was pleased with his behavior (my willful/spirited child). They call my number and I get up to go exchange and this lady starts yelling at me. I had number A78, she didn't. Apparently, her number got skipped. So I tell the guy she can go ahead since I think she was there first. Well she had been sitting next to another lady who was returning stuff and they both start glaring at me. Because somehow it was my fault that my number got called first on a computer generated list. Well she went first, got her store credit and then huffed at me as she walked away. I made my exchange and then was delighted to find her in the bathroom when I went in. Being as I am passive aggressive, I made sure to use my good parenting and go on and on in my praise to Keegan about how good and patient he was while waiting and how patience is hard but its a truly good thing. I meant it for him but it was directed at her. I hope she has a better life.

So now, all is right in the world of my decorating, its gorgeous and I want to get right on the recovering of furniture. And if I ever get the battery charged in the camera, I may post pictures.

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