Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving and Why I Love My In-Laws

I'm not exactly excited about Thanksgiving this year but that is because we will have a huge hole at the table. But on the other hand, I am glad to be spending time with my family and also having three extra special guests this year. My in-laws and my uncle will be joining us this year. I'll get to that in a minute.

First things first. Keegan has been wanting to make me a blanket. On my birthday, we were at my in-laws being as I share a birthday with a favorite fall dress up holiday. Keegan told grandma Barbara that they needed to run upstairs and make me a quilt. She luckily was able to talk him out of it for the moment but promised she would have him over soon. So yesterday was the day. She bought material and got our her sewing machine. And she patiently taught Keegan how to sew and let him make the design for the blanket. This is what he did. I LOVE it.

Last Thanksgiving I decided to run the Cottonwood Heights 5K. Its a hard course but I did it- with an 8 degree starting temperature. It was brutile. The course is tough with all the hills and the temp was really bad but I had fun and I beat the mayor. So this year my sister Em decide to do it too. We signed up in mid-October and then dad died and I didn't run much. I hurt my knee somehow and I have bad sciatica. But we persevered. This year, we had a 34 degree starting temp. Yes, that 's Utah you never know. I had the same run time as last year and I tied with the Councilman so I still got a ribbon. Em came in under and hour which was her goal. So I am pleased with my start to the day.

Last year, when I hit the last hill, I didn't think I could keep going. Then the song Holier than Thou from the musical Nunsense came on it gave me that last little bit of energy. I thought about how dad always teased me about "soaring like and eagle when I live turkeys" and how he would give me crap about being up running in the cold when I could have been at home in a nice warm house. So this year I was a bit surprised when the second song that came on my ipod was that same song. I wonder if dad gave me a little message from heaven encouraging me to keep running and stay healthy. Regardless, it gave me a burst of energy to start the race.

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