Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Birthday Chicken

On October 27th at 10:28 AM, my sweet papa passed away it was both quick and drawn out. It was both anticipated but unexpected. It was bittersweet to say the least. And I still cry at the drop of a hat. I've started to write about it but then can't so on to something light and cheerful.

My birthday. I turned 42 on Halloween. I was kind of excited about 42, I don't know why. Maybe because I am feeling a bit emancipated with my kids older and my health excellent (well except that little pre-diabetic note in my medical file- but its at bay for now). Or maybe it was because I had it stamped on my calf for over a week after my triathlon (I do shower and all but for some reason I couldn't get it off) With dad dying just a few days before and the possibility of the funeral being on my birthday (a story for another day) I was suddenly not that excited about 42.

I have great friends-truly wonderful people in my life. My friend Julie drives carpool home on Monday and for some reason her daughter and the other girl weren't coming home so it was just my son Daniel. She told him that she wanted to do something for me since I was having such a difficult birthday. So they stopped at the grocery store. She said she was going to get me a fancy cupcake and a balloon. Daniel said, "you know Julie, my mom isn't much of a sweets person. She kind of avoids sugar at all costs." Julie told him that she knows that but its my birthday and besides what else should she get me. Daniel replied with "well, she likes meat." Julie said " Oh come on Daniel, what are we going to do get her a birthday chicken?" Daniel thought that was a great idea and suggested the roasted chickens they have at the store. Julie held firm and got me a really good mint chocolate cupcake that was so delicious and overly sweet but it was my birthday so I ate it anyway.

But the story of the birthday chicken was too good to be true so I told all my relatives as we went to their houses to trick or treat. We all laughed at poor Daniel's expense.

Not to let something go, when we got to mom's, Meg decided to be a shit head. She and Em had both gotten me a small gift. Birthday gifts are hit or miss in my family. Depends on who sees whom at the time. Em had gotten me a coffee mug and Meg got me a really nice candle. But Meg being Meg, she went to my mom's freezer and pulled out a package of chicken thighs and threw it in on top of the bag Just to make sure I got my birthday chicken.

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