Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wow what a week!

Monday begin in a rush since I was taking dad in for his bronchoscopy. I got everyone where they needed to be and got him up there just in the nick of time only to have the procedure bumped due to an emergency at Primary. His anesthesia team got sent over there. We worked out the details and I got him back for his 1:45 procedure that was to take 45-60 min. I figured I run to my office and do a few things before going down to retrieve him. At 3:00 I got a bit nervous. At 3:30 I was fidgeting and at 3:45 when they called I knew exactly what she was going to say. He didn't tolerate the anesthesia well and had a bit of respiratory distress. I went right down and found RT there. UM, I know enough to know that RT gets called when the nurses can't do any more. Turns out they bagged him 20 minutes. Well that got him a ticket to an overnight stay. Not good.

Tuesday brought the funeral for Joe. Dad didn't get released in time and mom had to miss the whole thing. That did not make her a happy camper but more of a passive aggressive martyr. I tried to help. She didn't go for any of it. Basically, she took the ball and went home. Dad did get home by evening and he did get staged at 3a. No good. I was hoping for 1b or 2a. I'm so far from a cancer expert but I didn't know that a 3 sucks. Chemo starts this week.

Wed I was a wreck. When the school called to tell me Keegan punched a kid in the mouth. I started crying. Poor principal got the brunt of week and i just sobbed. I like Mrs. Mootz though. i like how she handled the assault incident and he didn't get in trouble. He did get a talking to and the other kid really wasn't hurt. For the record, he was picking on Keegan and he'd had enough.

Thursday jury duty. That was actually fun. I've always wanted to be on a jury (I know weird) but I think it would be fun to watch the process. Since i didn't get picked, I took my 18.00, and went shopping, then got to work in time to get in 5 hrs. I got what I needed done and didn't need to claim time off.

Friday was clinical with an orientee and I hadn't slept the night before. Yikes. I like orientees. I like teaching them the way to avoid bottles and work with BF moms. But its like having a puppy follow you around all day. i couldn't get a darn thing done.

Now its Sat. Today was fun but I'm tuckered. We signed up for the Cancer run. Zombies vs humans. The humans ran first and then the zombies chase them. I had arranged for Kate to watch Keegan but due to some unforeseen events, he ended up running with me. His first run and he loved it!!!!!! He did great. We had a moment where he wanted to give up but he didn't. It was a 38 min run for me- not great- but it was a great time for him. Plus it was great having Brian and D both get excited and join in the fun. But now, I'm tuckered and ready for bed.

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