Thursday, October 6, 2011

Winner Winner

I've never had this happen before! I admit, I have a lot of luck. I also do a lot of stupid things too but hey!

Since dad is starting chemo/radiation soon, he wanted a last hurrah! So we took him to Wendover- the closets gambling town to this here dry state. I don't love to gamble but once in a while, its fun to head out to a casino.

The drive out was fun as is any road trip with Em and Ray. Since mom was so freaked about the high winds and road conditions and had a contingency plan for if we got stuck, we sort of had a lot to joke about being as she was in the other car.

After finally getting there and going to the buffet where I was at least 30 years too young since it was mid-week AKA Silver tops and Blue hairs were the main crowd, we checked into a room so that we could take turns watching the babies. We decided to swim and go in the hot tub while mom and dad went to play Keno. (See what a huge gambler I am swimming trumps slots any day.)

Em and I went down to the casino and messed around with 20.00 bucks for a few hours. I got my free drinks and penny slots can keep you going for quite a bit of time. On the way out I told Dad I had a twenty saved for a big gamble in memory of Doug (my friend's husband who died suddenly) Now I love to "spin the wheel" It must come from my days of Wheel of Fortune watching but its just fun. So I picked a slot that had a wheel and sure enough I won three spins. I cashed out with 51.00 almost what I had spent on gambling and lunch. Woo Hoo score!

Dinner in the restaurant was a dumb idea. The waiter was slow the food was horrible and we were ready to get on the road. I told them all I was going to drive the car around but I had decided to play two more spins on a different machine. A good ol fashioned dollar slot that didn't have a million lines and options. I put in a fiver and spun. Won 6 bucks. Woo Hoo. But I did say I was doing two so I pushed the button and got Bar, Bar, Five times your payout!!!!! Well i guess those bars were worth a lot. I didn't even look. I was too busy watching the winning payout climb and climb and climb. 300 smakaroonies! I know, not a ton an amount that could pay for one of the many things I need done- shocks, credit card bill, whatever. I don't' know what I will do with it, but it was fun and that's what matters.

The drive home sucked. I almost killed everyone because despite teasing mom, she was right, there was a huge storm that had blown in and the roads were wet wet wet! A semi barrelled past me and I couldn't see. Almost ran off the road. But we are OK and that is what matters.

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