Tuesday, October 18, 2011

This is my mean manager voice!

Apparently, I am too nice to be a boss. Or at least that is what I was told about seven years ago when I met the daughter's of one of my staff. Sadly it was about a month later that I got to fire my first employee- wait, no it was my second. But the first kind of doesn't count since she was a per diem and they are "at will." Its easy to fire an "at will" well easy in an HR sense. And yes, they were right, sometimes I am too nice to be a boss. But this week I got a bit terse. Only three people approved payroll, one person didn't do a time card and I found out one of my staff was bullying her co-workers. But only in Spanish. I guess she gets some kind of attitude in her own language because she is pretty meek in English. Since I don't understand more than muy pocito I didn't know that. So I had to use my mean voice. I happened to post that on FB and some of my colleagues (I'm very careful about who from work I am "friends" with) gave me crap about not having a mean voice. Then Brian's cousin started in. I guess I need to work on mean. At a meeting today, I tried to show M my mean voice and I started laughing. I guess I don't have one. I did get told that although I am short in stature, I am mighty in attitude. And that's a good thing coming from this person.

On another note, we opened the lactation clinic yesterday. I so badly want this to be a success. We have been working on it for years! OK, as an aside but still its been on the back burner and now its happening. I think that half full day one was good. It will pick up- it just has to. So boring stuff I'm writing about today, but its so great to finally get a forward step after years of swimming upstream. Our NBICU team is doing a quality project with breastmilk and finally the neo's are pushing it not holding it back. One giant public health step forward! Oh and patient satisfaction and quality are in there too.

My sister called this afternoon because she was worried she should drive out since dad starts chemo on Friday. I told her no she didn't need to. Not that I don't want her here but she can't keep running out here. This sucks sucks sucks. I really do think this is the end for him, but I don't want to be less than optimistic. I told her that I would call her when I thought she should come. I really think the chemo will make him sick and weak but that he still has some time- its the surgery I am worried about. I did just send him a message that we need to go over his finances so that I know what to do. That was a sucky sucky conversation. I keep looking at the future without him and is makes me so sad. I wish I had valued him when I was a teenager. But we did get 25 years we never imagined we would have. Energizer bunny he is.

I hope to get past this gloomy reflective period in my life and start remembering the funny anecdotes from the day. That is the real reason I started this blog.

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