Monday, October 24, 2011

Just a Little Creepy!

There is a guy here at the hospital who works for facilities and engineering. He is one of 9 or 10 kids, mostly girls and he has never been married. He is "of the local religion" and informed me once that he was surprised I wasn't since I am so nice. Is that not offensive?! I know he meant it well but really! I swear he is stalking me. He just popped into my office and said "did you go our of town this weekend?" I said no and he replied, "I was thinking about you all weekend and wondered if you went to St. George since it was so nice." Why on God's green earth would I have gone out of town and why was he thinking of me? It kind of creeps me out just a bit. Its not the first time he has overstepped the line of "water cooler conversation." Just coming into my office is a bit too much.

In other news, dad started chemo on Friday. He is doing OK. Not great. He still has a sense of humor for the most part. I know he doesn't want to lose his hair. He keeping wondering aloud if it will come out in big clumps.

What is it with little boys and farting? On Sat. Keegan was a bit gassy and he spent all day trying to rip one and then laughing like crazy. On Sunday he let loose in the tub and that was the funniest thing ever. Then he got a whoopie cushion and spent an hour putting it on my chair. At least it kept him entertained.

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