Tuesday, September 27, 2011

TRI and TRI-again?

How was the try? It was AWESOME!!!! I got there about 6:50 AM and there were a lot of women already getting ready. I got my bike set up and myself oriented. Then I found Kami. We chatted, she got her stuff ready and then we attempted to find a bathroom. Apparently the rec center didn't' exactly agree that 400 women should be allowed into the facility before 7:45. Every door we tried we were greeted with " the event starts at 7:45, you can't come in" Well then, I guess we will all pee in your pool Mr. tucked in polo shirt guy who is strutting around with authority not knowing how many of us are writing letters to the center, to the paper and two the recreation funding source.

Once in, it was a looooooong wait to jump in the pool. Well at least for those of us who are swim challenged. I waited almost an hour before jumping in. It felt great to get in the water but my nerves were on the surface. I don't swim, I can't swim, I'm afraid of drowning and yes, I love water but on my own terms. So I back stroked the whole dang 300 meters. Well, I think I side stroked a bit and I walked a bit. Who cares, I just needed to be done with the swim.

Then to the bike. It was warm by then so if felt great to just throw a shirt and shorts on over my tri suit. That hill is HARD! I rode hard, but it took me a long time. As I approached "hell hill" I just kept telling myself that I was strong and I could do it. And guess what I made it up the whole dang hill without having to stop and walk. Almost everyone around me walked a portion. That was what made my day. The adrenaline from getting up there and looking across the valley must be like the first time someone takes crack (sorry I have no way to know for sure but lets just assume that is true) Then it was "down hill baby"

I made it back and then there is the run. Grabbing my ipod, I ran to the mat and started my timing chip. What really surprised me was that I could actually run. All the bike to runs we had done up to that point about killed me. I felt like I was running in mud and that my legs would explode. But I did fine. for about 1/4 mile. Then I walked a bit. The 800 mg ibuprofen may have had something to do with that but I'd like to attribute it to my stellar training and the adrenaline of the race. The biggest problem with the run is that by then "you got nothin" OK, theory says you can take goo or some other really sugary substance and you will pull glycogen and get a burst of energy, but I don't do goo. So it was me and my muscles with all the glycogen tucked neatly inside and not readily available for my use. But I did it. I ran most of it. And, my run time was almost as good as it usually is. So there! I AM STRONG!

When I hit the finish line, Brian, Keegan and Daniel were there to cheer me on. Them along with Kami, her friend Ally and my friends Janet and Julia. Having so many people there meant a lot. It really did.

Now I am being peer pressured like a high school sophomore to sign up for another TRI in two weeks. This one is not a non-competitive, women's only TRI. Its real. Its still a sprint TRI, but will they let me backstroke? Will people be sitting around staring at their watches while I am 30 minutes slower than the next person? I'm still deciding what to do. But TRIATHAMOM 2012- Here I come.

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