Thursday, September 1, 2011

That's so sad about you!

On the way to school this morning Daniel reminded me of something Keegan said several years ago. I didn't let him do something or I didn't buy him something, I can't remember, but all of a sudden he said "That's so sad about you!" I said what is so sad about me? And he replied "that is so sad about you that you won't......." Ever since then we have used that to tease one another. This morning it was this, "That is so sad about you that you won't let me have a stomach ache at noon so I can leave school early"

What the broggins?! Another Keegy classic. He was so frustrated about something and couldn't get the words out so it was "what the broggins are you doing to me?!"

The hard part about being a mom is knowing when to open your mouth and when to keep it shut. I am not the best at long conversations about life. I kind of like to live it rather than stew over it. But I know Kate would love to have long drawn out one on one time. I almost worry about posting this here, but ................ She broke up with her boyfriend last night. And I wanted to jump up and down and shout hooray!!!!! My sisters did too. As did all of her friends from the theater and my friends who found out because Faceb00k is an amazing grapevine. He was not good for her. At all! Yes, they had some fun together and yes, its nice to have a constant companion in your life and in high school, having a boyfriend is important. But she couldn't see how much she was limited by having him in her life. He was a sad pathetic puppy dog who followed her around, bringing her down. I do feel bad that she knew I didn't like him and that hurt her. But I JUST COULDN'T LIKE HIM!!!!!!!! And I didn't like his family and the idea of her marrying him made me want to vomit (not that they were engaged but I knew they had talked about marriage as a possibility) So for now, he is gone and I hope to God and all higher powers that it stays that way. She is so much better than him.

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