Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life Gets Crazy When You Aren't Looking

I remember the day my summer went downhill. It was Thursday evening the closing night of Pimpernel. Meg and I decided to meet Brian and the kids for the cast party at ? See, they hadn't decided on a place to go yet. We figured it would be VI for sure so we went ahead and parked in the lot waiting for the call on where to go. See we aren't dumb- most of the time- if we were already there, we could go in, get a table and order before the mass chaos. Then we would get our food at a reasonable time (1 AM?!) get to visit with everyone and be home before dawn. Well it didn't work out that way.

The cast had to strike the set. I couldn't get a hold of Brian or the kids so we decided to go see if by chance they were at IHOP. I was apparently too tired to drive because I turned too sharp and ran over the curb. Yikes! That is why now, in Sept I am still figuring out when I can buy new shocks. They weren't at IHOP so we went back to the park- oops dumb mistake we forgot that city parks close at 10 PM. Apparently we were loitering and luckily, the cop just followed us around the park until we left. But we did find the casts' cars and knew we were in for a long night. I finally got Brian to answer his phone and found out it would be another hour. We decided we don't really like the cast that much.

I joked that with all the cops patrolling the area around the park that Brian would probably get pulled over for his head light and expired tags (it had been a busy month!) And sure as shit he did. Luckily he just got a ticket.

That month we had over 1200.00 in car repairs UGH- the beginning of being broke and yet to catch up. So here I am again getting my windshield repaired and waiting for the verdict on Kate's car accident. Really, I am done with cars!

Then I accidentally threw away something very important that i don't even want to talk about. So I won't.

Then came the illness- first Kelly, then Bill then Dad. Its getting to be too much. I am finding myself unable to concentrate and I cry at the drop of a hat. Please people, I beg of you, don't be nice to me. It WILL make me cry. So Brian's solution is that I need antidepressants and anti- anxiety medication. I am so glad I have Barb to tell me that I am fine and normal and that its OK to need order to cope and that it doesn't make me neurotic or OCD.

Dad is in for another broncoscopy this morning. Lets all pray for good news. We need it.

A lot of good has come from this time as well. We bought our tent trailer- yeah! The show was awesome and we became closer friends with some amazing people. Kate got cast in Sweeney Todd and has a possible really great casting. We had two great camping trips and we have jobs.

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